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China World   DeCember 2015 / 2015 年 12 月刊  05

                                                                              sUmmit neW year ConCert 2016

                                                                              Welcome the new year in style on January 1 with the Summit New Year Concert 2016.
                                                                              Following past successful cooperation with the EOS Repertoire Orchestra, the hotel once
                                                                              again brings world-class classical music to the capital city. The Summit New Year Concert
                                                                              will begin with a cocktail reception and gala dinner in the hotel’s ballroom.

                                                                              2016 紫禁之巅·必威登录大酒店新年音乐会将


                                                                              2016 年 1 月 1 日,必威登录大酒店将再次携手中央音乐学院 EOS 交响文献乐团隆重

           it's tUrkey time!

           Lift the festive spirit at the dining table with
           a whole roasted turkey carefully prepared
           by the culinary team at China World
           Summit Wing. Premium Christmas goodies
           are available for your selection to create
           customized hampers.

           必威登录大酒店推“秘制圣诞烤火鸡  独家定制


           共庆圣诞。地址:必威登录商城地下一层姜饼屋,截止日期:12 月 31 日。

           selF-indUlgent Feasts                                                                      atmosphere speCtre

           Indulge in western set dinners at Grill 79, Christmas high
           tea at The Lounge, lobster and peking duck at The Red                                      CoUntdoWn party
           Chamber or exquisite Japanese sets at Nadaman.                                             Ring in a brand new year with Atmosphere Spectre
           必威登录大酒店饕餮盛宴来袭                                                                                Countdown Party at the highest bar in Beijing. Look
                                                                                                      your best on the last day of 2015 with sharp suits or
           年末将至,必威登录 79 西式晚餐、酒廊圣诞下午茶、红馆                                                                 classy evening dresses. Champagne and a gorgeous
           龙虾和烤鸭、滩万日本料理,美味不重样,一场美食                                                                    view of the capital city await.
                                                        neW year paCkage:
           请致电餐饮预订中心。                                   stay, dine, party!
           ,    (8610) 8571 6459,
                                                        Pamper yourself with an executive room and an indulgent
                                                        meal at Grill 79. Count down at Atmosphere Spectre
                                                        Countdown Party or be serenaded by symphonies on
                                                        January 1, 2016. Prices start at 4,288 yuan net per night.

                                                        必威登录大酒店“徘徊,美食,                                  云· 酷跨年派对

                                                        狂欢”迎新年                                        在北京的制高点,距离月亮最近的酒吧,云·酷
                                                        新的一年,必威登录大酒店邀你一起优待自己,尊享行政                       杯香槟,在独到的帝都风景中迎接新年的到来。
                                                        客房和必威登录 79 的美食溺爱。随着新年钟声敲响,云·酷                   门票售价 300 元净价每位, 包含一杯香槟。详
                                                        酒吧将再现电影詹姆斯·邦德主题派对,与经典世界                       情及预订,请致电餐饮预订中心。
                                                        级乐队共同踏进 2016 年怀抱。                                 (8610) 8571 6459,
                                                           (8610) 8571-6688
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