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China World   DeCember 2015 / 2015 年 12 月刊  06

           aria oFFers FiVe-CoUrse Weekend                                                             阿丽雅餐厅首次推出

           BrUnCh                                                                                        超值周末早午餐

           Chef Maiker Valdivia welcomes you to try his five-course brunch that reflects                  中国大饭店阿丽雅餐厅首次推出超值周末早
           his traditional Spanish cooking technique and passion for using simple                          午餐,宾客可在每周六、日上午 11:30 至下
           ingredients and local resources.                                                                午 2:30 尊享主厨迈克精选丰盛菜单。如需预
           The 11:30 am-2:30 pm weekend brunch at Aria restaurant includes an 88                          订和更多相关信息,请致电阿丽雅。
           yuan-plus kid’s menu.Renowned for its Basque cuisine, this Spanish coastal                         (86 10) 6505 2266-36
           city has the second-highest number of Michelin stars per capita in the world
           after Kyoto.

                                                        speCial oFFer: delUXe
                                                        room Winter getaWay

                                                        Explore the beauty of winter in Beijing and enjoy a Deluxe
                                                        Room at the prestigious China World Hotel for 1,350 yuan
                                                        a night until February 21.
                                                        The special offer includes daily buffet breakfast, 300 yuan

           Christmas Cheer                              dining credit, late 4 pm checkout, complimentary high-
                                                        speed Internet access and double Golden Circle points.

           Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality.
           The corporate Sales Team together with Area General
           Manager Emil Leung, Area DOSM Marlene Fang and                                           China's Best miCe hotel?
           DOS Veronica Ann brought Christmas cheer to clients this                                 China World oF CoUrse
           festive season.
                                                                                                    Readers of Business Traveller China chose China World
                                                                                                    as the best hotel in China for meetings, incentives,
                                                                                                    conferences and exhibitions (MICE). Hailing the vote a
                                                                                                    "monumental honor," China World Hotel area general
                                                                                                    manager Emil Leung thanked readers at the inaugural
                                                                                                    2015 Business Traveller China awards ceremony.

                                                        预订“冬日客房特惠”                                  北京中国大饭店荣膺

           欢喜圣诞                                         尊享多重礼遇                                      “中国最佳会奖酒店”

                                                        自 2015 年 12 月 12 日起至 2016 年 2 月 21 日,北京     近日,由《商旅》杂志举办的 2015 读者评选颁奖晚
                                                        中国大饭店推出温情“冬季客房特惠”。                          会在北京隆重举办,中国大饭店在读者投票评选中,
                                                        预订“冬季客房特惠”,宾客即可以人民币 1,350 元                 荣膺“中国最佳会奖酒店”。北京中国大饭店区域
           销 售 总 监 安 美 花
                                                        入住豪华客房,还能尊享多重礼遇。详情预订,请致                     总经理梁发宗先生对此表示:在 2015 年即将结束之
                                                        电预订部。                                       际,北京中国大饭店在《商旅》杂志 2015 读者评选
           队 为 客 户 送 递
                                                            (86 10) 6505 8885                       活动中荣膺“中国最佳会奖酒店”让我们倍感荣耀。

                                                               neW CheF laUnChes neW spanish menU at aria

                                                               The China World Hotel has appointed Maiker Valdivia Chef de Cuisine at the Aria restaurant in October to
                                                               lead the culinary team and kitchen operations.“I am bursting with energy and passion to create memorable
                                                               dining experiences for our Aria customers,” Valdivia says, “and I would like to lead our culinary team to
                                                               bring Beijing’s Spanish food to a new level.”

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