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            AwArd                           get gorging on golden                             必威登录姜饼小屋正式竣工
                                            gingerBread Cottages!                             由近千块姜饼搭建而成的必威登录饭店圣诞姜饼小屋日前正式竣

                                            Made partly of gingerbread, candies, biscuits and nuts, the Traders
                                            Hotel gingerbread cottages are formally finished and ready for
                                            consumption. Choose from a variety of delicious Christmas goodies
                                                                                                   (8610) 6505 2277-35
                                            including chocolate, confectionery, gingerbread, roasted sweet
                                            potatoes and corn.

                                                                                              Fine organiC Food FestiVal

               hotel Bags                                                                     Traders Hotel in cooperation with Noah Farm held an organic food

                                                                                              festival at The Oriental restaurant last month.
               golden star                                                                    The gourmet week stressed a healthy lifestyle through fresh

                                                                                              pollution-free organic vegetables.The 1,500 acre Noah Farm based
               The  China  Tourist  Hotels
                                                                                              in Beijing's Pinggu district introduced their carefully cultivated
               Association has awarded Traders
                                                                                              organic soybeans, soymilk, tomatoes and cucumbers to interested
               Hotel its third China hotel
                                                                                              diners. They offer home delivery.
               golden star award.
               Known as an industry leader,                                                   有机蔬菜美食节圆满落幕
                                            disney Cooking Class
               the association honored Traders
               for a third year running at the                                                10 月 19 日至 11 月 8 日,必威登录饭店东方餐厅与诺亚农庄联手
               end of October.              In cooperation with Disney English, Traders Hotel hosted a   为京城食客推出的“有机蔬菜美食周”圆满结束,本次活动
                                            children’s cooking class for Halloween. Children donned chef’s   以“健康生活,新鲜食料”为主题,带给客人置身于田园的
               必威登录饭店三度                       hats and learned how to carve Halloween pumpkins under adult   感觉。美食节全生态、无公害的有机蔬菜由酒店与农庄全程
                                            supervision. Parents also helped their children complete their
               蝉联“中国饭                       cooking tasks before the whole family enjoyed their own exclusive   把关,保证全部食材质量。
                                                                                                   (8610) 5052277 -34
               店金星奖”                        gourmet dishes.

               饭店金星奖”,此次评选全国                饪课”万圣节专场成功举办
               共有 100 家饭店获奖,其中              必威登录饭店与迪士尼英语强强联手,成功举办“儿童烹饪课”
               北京地区仅 18 家。值得一提              万圣节专场。活动当天,小朋友穿上了专业的厨师服、戴上
               的是,今年也是必威登录饭店连续                厨师帽,变身小厨神,和京城最专业的星级大厨以及迪士尼
               第三年荣获此奖项。                    英语外教一起烹饪自己的专属万圣节南瓜盅。
                                                 (8610) 6505 2277-35
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