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China World   January 2016 / 2016 年 1 月刊  10

                                                                                                    FESTIVAL ROOM OFFER

                                                                                                    Celebrate in style in Beijing. During Chinese new year
                                                                                                    you can stay for special promotional rates starting at
                                                                                                    only 788 yuan!
                                                                                                    Rates are subject to a 15 percent service charge and
                                                                                                    valid from January 29 to February 21.

           NO.1 LOUNGE IN CHINA                         中国最佳行政酒廊

           China's best executive lounge is the Horizon Club Lounge   北京中国大饭店在《新旅行》杂志举办的“2015 年
           at China World Hotel, according to Voyage Magazine.   高端酒店评选”中荣膺“中国最佳行政酒廊”。京
           Beijing's largest lounge offers garden-fresh purified air,   城最大豪华阁酒廊为宾客提供花园般新鲜空气及清
           revitalizing detox juices and invigorating herbal teas.  新排毒果汁。

                                                                                                    爱家人共享节日欢聚的温馨时光。2016 年 1 月 29
                                                                                                    日起至 2 月 21 日,入住中国大饭店豪华客房仅需
                                                                                                    788 元起。
                                                                                                         (86-10) 6505 8885

           TEA FOR THREE                                Valentine’s Day

           Luxury porcelain purveyors Legle France join China
           World Hotel in introducing a brand new three-tier lotus
                                                        We invite guests and their loved ones to the Ultimate
           afternoon tea set in the hotel’s lobby lounge. The tea set
                                                        Valentine’s Day this year for a love affair like none
           is served every day noon-6 pm, at 288 yuan plus a 15
                                                        other. Aria offers an exquisite six-course gourmet
           percent service charge for each person.
                                                        dinner set menu priced at 1,520 yuan per couple, and
           三层莲花下午茶                                      includes two glasses of bubbles. It’s a good choice to
                                                        kickstart the celebrations at Sweet Spot with elaborate
           北京中国大饭店与法国丽固共同合作打造了全新的                       Macarons Raspberry Cake and Tiramisu Cake. Prices
           三层莲花下午茶宴。茶宴每位为人民币 288 元,加                    start at 228 yuan.
                                  收 15% 服务费。每周
                                  一至周日中午 12 点至
                                  下 午 6 点 在 大 堂 酒 廊
                                                        想要度过一个浪漫的情人节吗 ? 中国大
                                       (86 10) 6505 2266。
                                                        1,520+ 元,包含两杯气泡酒。除此之外,
                                                            (86-10) 6505 5838
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