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China World   January 2016 / 2016 年 1 月刊  02

                                                                                                    DAMIANI DEBUTS

                                                                                                    From Italy to China, glamorous DAMIANI brings traditional
                                                                                                    artisanship and graceful style. Over the last century,
                                                                                                    celebrities, political leaders and royal family members have
                                                                                                    embraced this iconic Italian brand. Founded in Valenza, the
                                                                                                    jewelry brand has now opened its first boutique at the Mall.

                                                                                                    百年珠宝世家 DAMIANI


                                                                                                    1924 年创立于珠宝之乡意大利瓦伦萨的世界十大珠
                                                                                                    宝品牌之一 DAMIANI 落户必威登录商城。拥有近百年历
                                                                                                    史的 DAMIANI 广受明星、皇室及政要的青睐,好莱
                                                                                               1    坞红毯上频现它光彩熠熠的身影。

                                                                                                    如今光彩夺目的 DAMIANI,让更

                                                       2                                       3

           DIOR OPENS LARGEST                           中国最大迪奥旗舰店

           CHINA FLAGSHIP STORE                         落户必威登录

           AT THE MALL                                  Dior 迪奥中国大陆最大的旗舰店于 2015 年 12 月 21
           Christian Dior has opened its largest flagship store yet   璃饰有 Dior 迪奥经典藤格纹图案。该旗舰店为两层,
           in mainland China.
           The China World Mall boutique in Beijing is split across                                 BOOT KING KICKS OFF
           two levels, featuring a floor-to-ceiling, double layer
           glass fa?ade that emulates fine feminine fabric in the                                   With outlets in more than 70 countries, the leading
           fashion house's ‘Cannage' print.             亲自设计,承袭了迪奥巴黎总店的一贯风格,将法                      footwear brand Stuart Weitzman debuted at China World
           Designed  by  Peter  Marino,  the  interiors  blend                                      Mall. Known as the King of Boots from the Big Apple, the
           inspiration taken from the brand's Paris flagship,                                       classic SW5050 is must-have New York fashion trend for
                                                        艺术家的作品陈列其中 , 为店内装饰增添奢华感。彼
           dotted with a carefully curated group of artworks by                                     discerning ladies.
           contemporary artists. Each of the 10 pieces, which
           include a bench by Terence Main and a video art wall
           by Yorame, reflect the codes of the house. There is
           also a sculpture "Siamese Metal 5" from British artist
                                                        所设计的异形雕塑“Siamese Metal 5”。在珠宝腕
           Richard Deacon, the work "Waterwall, Roselyn" by
           Gregory Ryan and table lamps by Véronique Rivemale
                                                        名为“Waterwall, Roselyn”的作品与知名艺术家维
           are also displayed in the store. On the second floor,
           the footwear section is adorned by a gaia imprint low
                                                        1  Video art wall by Yorame
           table, designed by Vincent Dubour.              Siamese Metal5 by Richard Deacon         “美靴之王” Stuart
           Classic furniture pieces from Guillaume Piéchaud,      艺术家优兰米设计的视频艺术墙                    Weitzman 落户必威登录商城
           Paolo Giordano and Timothy Horn have been placed      雕塑家查·迪肯设计的异形雕塑
                                                        2  Round Bench by Terence Main
           strategically throughout the space, and the store also                                   在全球 70 多个国家拥有门店的 Stuart Weitzman 终
           features a private VIP salon garnished with two mineral                                  于落户必威登录商城,为爱美的中国女性不断带来更多的
                                                        3  Wall Art by Pae White
           commodes designed by Juan & Paloma.             Gaia imprint by Vincent Dubourg          精美鞋履。这一源自美国纽约的全球精品鞋履领导品
                                                           美国艺术家佩·怀特设计的墙面艺术作品                       牌,被誉为“美靴之王”。其家族的经典之作 5050
                                                           法国概念艺术家森特·杜布尔设计的茶几                       更是成为了无数女性追捧的时尚第一靴。
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