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China World   January 2016 / 2016 年 1 月刊  05

           CHINESE TV SHOW PROFILES CHINA WORLD                               聚焦“超高层商业地产” 必威登录写字楼接受

           SUPERTALL OFFICE BUILDING                                                  《经济信息联播》采访

           A China Central Television special feature about supertall office buildings picked out two   关于聚焦“超高层商业地产”专题,目前北京最高的地标性建筑 - 必威登录大厦
           of Beijing's most iconic buildings as representative of the trend: China World Tower A and   A 座及刚刚封顶的姊妹楼必威登录大厦 B 座,作为北京最具代表性的超高层商业
           B. So far 21,000 square meters of Tower B has been leased, or about 50 percent of the   地产,必威登录写字楼部总监崔强接受了中央电视台(CCTV2)财经频道《经
           Tower B total floor area, China World Offices Division Director Cui Qiang told the CCTV2   济信息联播》采访,他透露,截至目前,必威登录大厦 B 座已签约 2.1 万平方米,
           finance program Economic News. An old tenant of China World Offices, The Executive   约占必威登录大厦 B 座的 50%。同时,作为必威登录写字楼的老租户,北京德事商
           Centre Beijing (TEC) General Manager Shelton Sha explained his choice of Tower B from   务中心总经理沙振先生也从租户角度介绍了扩租时选择必威登录必威登录大厦 B 座的
           the perspective of a tenant.                                       理由。
           TEC is a leading serviced office provider in the Asia-Pacific region, with more than 70 centers   德事商务中心成立于 1994 年,共有超过 70 个中心,覆盖 21 个主要城市,遍
           in cities in Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Japan,   及澳大利亚、中国大陆、香港、澳门、台湾、印度、印度尼西亚、日本、韩国
           South Korea and Singapore. At the cutting edge of the serviced office industry, TEC provides   和新加坡。作为亚太区顶级服务式办公室的行业领导者,德事商务中心提供最
           the highest quality of tailored serviced offices, meeting facilities, video conferencing and a   高规格、度身定制的服务式办公室、会议室设施、视频会议及一系列的商务行
           broad range of business administrative services in Grade A office buildings in the central   政服务。德事商务中心的办公室均位于每个城市中心商务区的甲 A 级写字楼,
           business districts of every city in which it operates. Founded in 1994, TEC is dedicated to   以灵活的办公空间解决方案,满足跨国企业、中小型企业和新成立的公司在本地、
           serving the business interests of multinational corporations, small firms and start-ups locally,   区域和全球范围办公空间的需求。
           regionally and internationally with the most flexible workplace solutions.

                                                                                                    WELCOME STARROCK

                                                                                                    Being the first mainland Chinese hedge fund to be
                                                                                                    included in the MSCI Hedge Fund Index, StarRock has
                                                                                                    decided to move into China World Offices. Founded in
                                                                                                    2007, StarRock is among the first group of public-to-
                                                                                                    private funds with a mastery of medium and long-term
                                                                                                    investment. With a total investment of 20 billion yuan,
                                                                                                    StarRock has become one of the best-performing private
           恭祝中金公司成立 20 周年                               HAPPY BIRTHDAY CICC!                        funds in China.

           及在香港成功上市                                     One of the China World Offices' largest tenants is China's   星石投资入驻必威登录大厦

           作为必威登录写字楼最大租户之一,中金公司早于 2000                    first joint venture investment bank, China International   近日,星石投资作为大陆首支入选 MSCI 全球对冲
           年 2 月已入驻必威登录。2015 年公司值成立 20 周年之                Capital Corporation (CICC), which moved into the   基金指数的本土对冲基金公司即将入驻必威登录大厦。
           际,多地同时举办晚宴共同庆祝。此外,值得庆贺                       complex in February 2000.                   星石投资成立于 2007 年,是第一批“公转私”浪潮
           的是,其还于同年 11 月在香港成功上市。                        Founded in 1995, CICC held a 20th anniversary   中成立的私募基金公司,星石投资擅长精准把握中
           自 1995 年成立以来,中金公司一直致力于为客户                    celebratory dinner to accompany its listing on the Hong   长期投资,目前资产管理规模近人民币 200 亿元,
           提供高质量金融增值服务,业务范围覆盖宏观经济、                      Kong stock exchange in November 2015.       位居行业前列。
           证券和市场研究、股权与债务发行与承销、兼并收                       CICC provides its customers with high-quality value-
           购财务顾问、股本销售交易、固定收益、自营投资、                      added financial consultation and services in securities
           资产管理、财富管理、直接投资、证券投资咨询等                       and market studies, equity and debt issuance and
           诸多领域。                                        underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, equity sales and
                                                        trading, fixed income, proprietary investment, assets
                                                        management, wealth management, direct investment
                                                        and securities investment.
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