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China World   January 2016 / 2016 年 1 月刊  07

                                                        PEKING DUCK WONDER

                                                        Here are the top three reasons to visit the Red
                                                        Chamber for Peking duck:
                                                        1. Blue-blooded inheritance of classical cooking art
                                                        Mr. Yuan Chaoying, a Beijing cuisine executive chef
                                                        and roast duck expert from Shangri-La Hotels and
                                                        Resorts, supervises the cooking of the ducks to offer  红馆北京烤鸭

                                                        a delicious, elaborately created dish.
                                                        2. A fresh and authentic taste of traditional
                                                                                                 1. 师出名门,延续经典烹制技巧
                                                        All Peking ducks are authentic pollution-free Beijing
                                                        crammed ducks roasted elaborately using special
                                                        date wood. The unique cooking technique came
                                                                                                 2. 创新融合传统美食
                                                        from a 150-year-old hanging roast duck method,
                                                        resulting in ducks that are crispy outside and soft
                                                                                                 以传承 150 年挂炉烤鸭技艺,用特选枣木以独家技艺精
                                                        inside, and fat, but not greasy.
                                                        3. Innovative sauces to diversify
                                                                                                 3. 创新酱料,让烤鸭品尝多元化
                                                        In addition to the traditional sauces, guests can also
                                                                                                 除传统酱料之外,品尝 5 款特别调制的酱料搭配的经
                                                        dip into five special sauces - pork chop, yogurt, spicy
                                                                                                 典烤鸭 - 排骨酱、酸奶酱、泰式辣酱、梅子酱、黑椒酱。
                                                        Thai chilli, plum and black pepper.
                                                                                                    (8610) 8571 6459
             A SLICE OF PEKING DUCK LOVE                                     为家人片鸭

             Express love and kindness in a different and fun way this festive season! Let our chefs guide   节日气氛浓郁的季节,表达爱意和感恩,有多种诠释和演绎的方式。在红馆,主
             you on slicing meat off your Peking duck personally for your family and friends. Photograph   厨将为您的家人和朋友提供一对一片烤鸭手法的指导,让您亲手传递对家人浓浓
             or video your experience and share it on Weibo or WeChat with hashtag #Red Chamber#   的爱。通过微信、微博分享图片或视频参与话题“红馆”赢取神秘大奖。同时,
             to win a mystery gift. The Peking duck kitchen will also be opened for tours.  烤鸭炉提供参观了解百年烤鸭文化。

           ROMANTIC RAZZLE-DAZZLE                                                                   GRILL 79 SKY BRUNCH

           Spoil your loved one at the peak of Beijing with a                                       Weekends will never be the same now after the launch
           romantic and extraordinary culinary experience. Tempt                                    of a classy and elegant four-course brunch at Grill 79.
           him or her with a delicious set menu at Grill 79, The                                    Tuck into Chef Daniel’s hearty mains including egg
           Lounge or The Red Chamber. Indulge further with a                                        dishes, grilled steaks and seafood. Brunch is priced at
           champagne & chocolate package at Atmosphere.                                             388 yuan a person plus an additional 188 yuan for free
                                                                                                    flowing champagne. Prices are subject to a 15 percent
           浪漫交响曲                                                                                    service charge.
                                                        ExCLUSIVE STAYCATION OFFER
           蒂克非凡的美味体验。必威登录 79、酒廊、红馆各自打造
           了雅致套餐餐单,更多诱惑尽在云·酷,来源于巧克                      Just for tenants and members of China World Mall and
           力香槟酒的溺爱。                                     China World Trade Center, treat yourself to a staycation
                (86-10) 8570 6459                       in an executive room for 980 yuan, subject to 15 percent
                                                        service charge. Book a second night or room at 50 percent
                                                        off! Enjoy 20 percent discount off F&B options (excluding
                                                        Nadaman and Seventh Son). Valid until February 14.

                                                        春节入住特惠                                      必威登录 79 云端早午餐

                                                        在此新春佳节来临之际,必威登录商城会员、写字楼租户                     生活仍在继续,周末岂能重复。必威登录 79 每周日提供
                                                        及必威登录中心员工可享入住行政客房每晚 980 元,此价                  上等精选四道菜早午餐,尽快来体验大厨 Daniel 诚意
                                                        格需另加收 15% 服务费。每预订第二间房或第二晚,                  十足菜肴,包括蛋菜品、无可挑剔的牛排和精良海鲜。
                                                        可享受 50% 折扣。必威登录大酒店用餐将享受全单八折                   早午餐每位仅需 388 元人民币,额外支付 188 元人民
                                                        优惠(位于酒店内四楼的滩万及家全七福不在此推广                     币即可无限畅饮香槟。价格需加收 15% 服务费。
                                                        活动范围内)。有效日期至 2016 年 2 月 14 日。                    (86-10) 8570 6459
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