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China World   January 2016 / 2016 年 1 月刊  09

                                                            TRADITIONAL  温馨团圆年夜饭
                                                            FAMILY REUNION

                                                        Our new year's eve menus are especially designed to   除夕夜与家人挚友团聚中国大饭店,欣赏年味十足
                                                        bring families closer together. Taking an imperial lesson,   的春节表演,品尝美味传统美食。大饭店为您准备
                                                        each offering includes traditional delicacies such as braised   了多款不同价位的猴年贺岁新春套餐,套餐包括经
                                                        sea cucumber with abalone and spring onion or fish maw   典菜肴,如葱烧海参伴汤鲍以及鲜人参花椒炖鸡等。
                                                        soup with fresh ginseng. The reunion dinners will be held   订购年夜饭即可获赠抽奖券一张,免费停车券两张
                                                        in the China World Hotel’s festive ballrooms and include   以及年糕礼盒一盒。每桌人民币 3,980 元净价起。
                                                        lucky draws. Prices start at 3,980 yuan a table.     (86 10) 65052266-28


                                                                                                      CUISINE FRANCAISE


                                                                                                      No less an authority than the French foreign ministry
                                                                                                      has unveiled “LA LISTE”, a ranking of the world’s top
                                                                                                      1,000 “tables of exception” in which the Summer
                                                                                                      Palace bagged an impressive 300th place.

                                                                                                      “LA LISte”全球优秀


                                                                                                      近日,法国外交部长在巴黎揭开了首届 LA LISTE
                                                                                                      全球 1000 家优秀餐厅榜单。中国大饭店夏宫餐

           MONKEY BUNS & MERRIMENT                      新春庆典

           Ready for rice dumplings, new year cake, prosperous   用喜庆的节日装饰和美味的年货美食庆祝猴年的来
           seafood pot and Chinese buns? Celebrate the Year of   临。中国大饭店为您提供多样新春伴手礼,包括汤圆、
           the Monkey with vibrant decorations and authentic   年糕、盆菜以及面食礼盒。
           gourmet cuisine.                                 (86-10) 6505 3285
                (86-10) 6505 3285                       扫描二维码登陆中国大饭店微信
           or scan the QR code and log into CWH WeChat Mall.  商城。
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