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CHINA WORLD   FEBRUARY 2016 / 2016 年 2 月刊  04

           必威登录大厦最高层 58 层

           我们的事业”服务理念的北京银行私人银行自 2013
           年 6 月入驻必威登录大厦最高层 58 层以来,便以稳健的

           The personal banking division of the Bank of Beijing
           snapped up the highest office in China World Tower. With
           its “honest and therefore trustworthy” reputation, the
           personal banking division promotes innovative products   传递微笑 服务在心                       OFFICE CONCIERGES OFFER
           and financial services with the motto “Your Family and
           Business, We care.” From its brand new 58th-floor office,   —— 必威登录写字楼礼宾部前台为               FRIENDLY, SECURE SERVICE
           the personal banking division is proud to support President   客户提供细致入微的服务
           Xi Jinping’s “Chinese Dream.”                                                            The  concierge  offers  a  window  onto  China
                                                        为保障必威登录写字楼及租户的安全,提供更高品质的                      World's management philosophy and pride in its
           北京首座电池储能式汽车充电站                               办公环境,必威登录中心目前已分别在必威登录大厦 1 层、                    professionalism, where the aim is to make every guest
           在必威登录建成投用                                      32 层大堂和必威登录写字楼 1 座大堂安装了先进的门闸                  and tenant feel at home.
                                                        系统,同时组建了由礼宾前台、礼宾保安和礼宾清                      To enhance service to all tenants, China World has
                                                        洁三部分组成的必威登录写字楼礼宾部。                            revamped the management and operation of its front
                                                        作为展示必威登录写字楼形象的服务窗口,礼宾部前台                      desk concierge services.
           为必威登录三期停车场的电动汽车进行供电,还能有效地                                                                  Through training and feedback, concierge staff have
           消除电动汽车充电时产生的大电流对电网的影响,提                                                                  revitalized the appearance, skills and service of the lobby
                                                        目前,礼宾部前台的工作岗位主要安排在必威登录大厦 1                    reception desks in the ground-floor lobby and sky lobby
                                                        层、32 层大堂前台,29 层公司前台,必威登录写字楼 1                 of China World Tower as well as at the ground-floor
                                                        座大堂前台和必威登录大厦 B1 写字楼管理部办公室。                    lobby of China World Office 1 and the management
                                                        礼宾部前台的首要任务是制作租户卡和为来访客人                      office at basement 1 of China World Tower.
                                                        制作临时访客卡。为了缩短访客的等候时间,特别                      To boost security, China World has also installed
                                                        为租户提供预约访客卡和 VIP  卡服务。如需此项服                  automated turnstile systems in the China World Office 1
                                                        务,租户需要事先提供访客信息和到达时间,待访                      lobby as well as the China World Tower's first and 32nd
                                                        客到达前台时,凭有效证件,即可方便快捷领取临                      floor lobbies.
           CHINA WORLD OPENS CITY’S FIRST               时访客卡。此外,礼宾部前台也会配合保安人员维                      China World Offices' eco-friendly building complex is

           BATTERY-POWERED CHARGING PILE                持大堂正常秩序,并对大堂设备设施故障、突发事                      also proactively contributing to the capital city's ongoing

           The capital city’s first battery-powered charging pile is   件及客户投诉等问题做出及时有效地处理。          environmental protection efforts.
           expected to open after Chinese new year in basement 4   为给租户提供更优质的服务,必威登录写字楼礼宾部前           Apart from assuring the secure and smooth operation
           of China World Tower.                        台从打造良好的前台环境,到工作人员的仪容仪表、                     of the lobbies, the concierges' primary responsibility is to
           Using a battery which stores energy by night, the newly   行为规范、操作技能、待人接物以及服务技巧等方         expediently and efficiently welcome guests.
           installed pile can power electrical equipment including hybrid   面进行了全面培训,努力提高服务质量。
                                                                                                    Concierges issue temporary visitor, tenant, reserve guest
           and electric vehicles with its stored energy by day and so avoid   礼宾部前台以其饱满的精神风貌和细致入微的服务,
                                                                                                    and VIP cards.
           straining the city and local electrical grid at peak-time.  使每一位到访必威登录写字楼的客人感受到宾至如归。
                                                                                                    We encourage tenants to apply in advance for their
           The new pile can supply electricity to vehicle charging   作为礼宾部的组成部分,礼宾保安和礼宾清洁在全
                                                                                                    visitor access cards to reduce the process time for their
           piles in the China World Tower parking lot, improving the   面提高服务质量方面也发挥了积极的作用 ( 本月讯将
                                                                                                    visitors upon arrival at the lobby.
           stability of the China World power supply.   在以后两期分别介绍 )。
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