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CHINA WORLD   FEBRUARY 2016 / 2016 年 2 月刊  05

           儿童游乐园                                        KIDS LAND

           还在为 2016 春节来北京哪里玩发愁么?北京必威登录大                   Thinking where to visit in Beijing this festive season?
           酒店在 B1 层中国宴会厅,首次创造值得回忆的“儿                    Come visit China Summit Wing, Beijing’s first ever “Kids
           童乐园”。孩子们可在春节尽情地玩耍,有 4 米高的                    Land” in China Ballroom! Expect a carnival of popular
           充气城堡、远程遥控赛车、电子游戏机和迷你高尔夫。                     games such as four-metre high bouncy castles, remote-
           2 月 3 日至 5 日,所有入住客人或餐饮消费超过人民                 controlled car racing, arcade game machines and mini
           币 300 元的客人(不含家全七福酒家)既享免费单人                   golf. Hotel in-house guests and diners (excluding Seventh
           入场券一张;儿童乐园开放时间为 2016 年 2 月 6 日               Son) who spent at least RMB 300 in a single bill will receive
           至 14 日,每张票人民币 200 元净价,儿童不应超过                 a complimentary ticket from 3 to 5 February. General
           12 周岁,需有一位成年人陪伴,限时两小时。                       public can enjoy access from 6 to 14 February. Each ticket
                                        (86-10) 8571 6459  is priced at RMB 200 nett and
                                                        includes two-hour entry for one
                                                        adult with one child, aged 12 years
                                                        old and below.

           世代之爱                                         红馆推出全新菜单

           相传,只有与相爱并血缘相承的人团聚幸福感会更加                      红馆位于必威登录商城三期四层,主营现代派中式菜肴,
           强烈。团聚二代人,享受用餐全单 8 折优惠;聚集三                    隆重推出以北方菜为主的全新菜单。 镇店名菜老北京                      滩万六周年店庆特选晚餐
           代人,可享用餐全单 7 折优惠;以此类推,四代人 6                   传统果木烤鸭,桂花京糕梨丝, 风味葱烧牛肋骨,老                      套餐
           折优惠,五代人 5 折优惠。多多益善!此活动适用日                    北京瓷罐酸奶乳酪火烧等诸多佳肴将为宾客打造风味
           期为 2 月 8 至 13 日,位于所有餐厅,除滩万日本料理               纯正,焕然一新的美食体验。
           及家全七福酒家。座位有限,请提前与我们联系并预定。                                                                  餐套餐。套餐品质丰富,精挑细选共 10 道菜,
                (86-10) 8571 6459                       THE RED CHAMBER PRESENTS                      含有汤、开胃菜、甜品、生鱼片、煮物、炸物
                                                        NEW MENU                                      及烤物,例如诱人的海胆布丁、网烧特选牛肉

                                                                                                      等。价格为人民币 800 元,加收 15% 服务费。
                                                        Located at level 4, zone 3 of China World Mall, The
                                                                                                           (86-10) 8571 6459
                                                        Red Chamber will wow taste buds with a new menu
                                                        of regional cuisines of Northern China. Other than the   NADAMAN CELEBRATES 6
                                                        signature Peking Duck roasted with special date wood,
                                                        tuck into sumptuous dishes including Pear and Hawthorn   ANNIVERSARY
                                                        with Osmanthus, Braised Beef Ribs in Beijing Sauce, and
                                                                                                       Nadaman  at  China  World  Summit  Wing
                                                        Baked Pancakes Filled with Beijing Yogurt and Cheese.
           GENERATIONS OF LOVE                                                                         celebrates its 6th anniversary this month, and
                                                                                                       thank all guests for the past support with a
           It has been said that the best meals are with those whom                                    10-course Super Celebration Set Dinner.  A feast
           you love. Gather 2 generations at the same table for 20%                                    for both eyes and taste buds, each set consists of
           off your total food and beverage bill. Gather 3 generations                                 tantalising dishes including Sea urchin pudding
           and enjoy 30% off, 4 for 40% and 5 for 50% off. The                                         with consommé jelly sauce, and Grilled sliced
           more the merrier! Promotion is applicable for all restaurants                               prime beef. Priced at RMB 800, subject to 15 %
           from 8 to 13 February, except Nadaman and Seventh Son.                                      service charge.
           Limited seats are available; advanced reservation is required.

                                                新浪微博之夜 众星云集                            SINA WEIBO AWARDS 2016

                                                1 月 7 日,北京必威登录大酒店再次集结娱乐圈大腕,              It was a gathering of star power in Summit Ballroom on 7 January, as
                                                隆重举行“微博之夜”,现场星光熠熠、盛况空前。 the hotel welcomed more than 500 guests including some of the most
                                                出席艺人包括周星驰、蔡少芬、黄晓明、范冰冰                  influential A-list local and regional celebrities like Stephen Chow, Ada Choi,
                                                及宋智孝。备受瞩目的活动,还有紫禁之巅新年                  Huang Xiao Ming, Fan Bing Bing, and Song Ji Hyo. Following high-profile
                                                音乐会、时尚芭莎晚宴等均是在必威登录大酒店举行,                 events such as Summit New Year Concert and Bazaar Charity Night, the
                                                值得一提的是,现代化的群贤宴会厅拥有卓越而                  event is a testament of the excellent function facility as well as service from
                                                便利的各项宴会条件。                             the various hotel teams at China World Summit Wing, Beijing.
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