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                                                        近日,方文光先生新任必威登录饭店总经理。在此辞旧                      除夕夜与亲朋好友齐聚必威登录饭店,品尝美味丰盛除夕
                                                        迎新的时刻,他也为大家带来了美好的祝愿。“随                      家宴。我们为您准备两款不同价位的除夕团圆套餐,
                                                        着 2016 年璀璨阳光的到来,我们告别了充满挑战                   每位仅需人民币 288 元起。此外,更有多款新春年货
                                                        的2015年,迎来了充满希望、奋发进取的2016年。”                 供您选择。
                                                        方先生说到。“我代表必威登录饭店全体员工祝福大家                           (86-10) 6505 2277-34/35
                                                                                                    FAMILY REUNION AT TRADERS
                                                        敏锐度和对市场的深厚认知,必将带领北京必威登录饭                      HOTEL, BEIJING
                                                        Recently, Traders hotel, Beijing welcomes Mr. Richard H’ng   Traders Hotel, Beijing will launch family reunion, get your
                                                        as new general manager. The year of Goat is reaching   families together. The reunion dinners will be held at The
                                                        its end. At this juncture, Mr. H’ng brings us the good   Oriental. Prices start at RMB 288 per person.
                                                        wishes for everyone. "With the new year coming, we said
                                                        goodbye to 2015 which is full of challenging, and head
                                                        for our own futures 2016. "Mr. H’ng said." I, on behalf
                                                        of all the members of Traders Hotel, Beijing, wishing
                                                        everyone, in this New Year "Hundred Foot Pole Head" !
                                                        Mr. Richard H’ng, with his extensive operations
                                                        background, astute revenue management and marketing
                                                        knowledge, as well as his effective leadership, Mr. H’ng
                                                        will lead the team to take Traders Hotel, Beijing to new
                                                        heights in the near future.

           必威登录饭店浓情蜜意情人节                                  必威登录饭店新春嘉年华                                     三江咖啡厅推出新菜品

           北京必威登录饭店为您缔造浓情蜜意的浪漫情人节,每                                                                     三江咖啡厅全新菜品即将全新登场!屡获殊荣
           对情侣仅需人民币 588 元起。在时尚的三江咖啡厅
                                                        2016 年 1 月 23 日, 国 贸                          的饭店行政副总厨高宁为您精心推出多款全新
                                                        饭店携手迪士尼英语举办                                   菜式,包括:烤生蚝、马来牛肉等特色美食,
                                                        了新春亲子嘉年华活动。                                   更有精美小吃,门钉肉饼、奶油炸糕等。为您
                                                        近 100 个家庭参加此次                                 带来全新味觉新体验!
                                                        活动。饭店精心安排了 4                                      (86-10) 6505 2277-35
                (86-10) 6505 2277-35
                                                        场精彩活动,并准备了精                                  NEW DISHES LAUNCH AT
           SWEET VALENTINE TREAT                        美自助晚宴。提前为孩子们带                                T-BAZAAR
           Traders Hotel, Beijing presents a romantic Valentine’s Day for
                                                                                                     New dishes will launch at T-Bazaar soon! Ms. Jenny
           your enjoyment, from RMB 588 per couple.
                                                                                                     Gao - the Executive Sous Chef creates different special
           Enjoying a classical four-course set menu at T-Bazaar,
                                                                                                     dishes. Mince beef with onion pancake, deep-fried
           there is a beautiful gift waiting for you. Besides that, you
                                                                                                     cake with strawberry sauce and a variety of special
           can design your own doll for your darling.
                                                                                                     dishes await for you!

                                                        DISNEY DELIGHTS KIDS

                                                        More than 100 families joined in Chinese New Year carnival
                                                        at Traders Hotel, Beijing. In cooperation with Disney English,
                                                        children enjoyed a cooking class, magic school, greeting
                                                        card DIY and star movie theater. We offered delicious buffet
                                                        dinner for these families.
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