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CHINA WORLD   MAY 2016 / 2016 年 5 月刊  10

                                                                                               夏宫 : 欢度端午节

                                                                                                   (86-10) 6505 5838
                                                                                               SUMMER PALACE: DRAGON BOAT

                                                                                               FESTIVAL DUMPLINGS

                                                                                               Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with a wide variety of fresh-
                                                                                               filled, delightful rice dumplings or “zong zi” at Summer Palace.
                                                                                               The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is one of the oldest and most
                                                          截止至2016年6月9日  Until 9 June 2016
                                                                                               significant holidays celebrated in China. The boat races during
                                                                                               the festival symbolize the attempt to rescue the patriotic poet,
                                                                                               Qu Yuan. This later on turned into the custom of eating rice
                                                                                               dumplings during the festival. The celebration is a time for
                                                                                               protection from evil and disease for the rest of the year.
                                                                                               Enjoy delectable selections, such as chicken and mushroom
                                                                                               zong zi, Taiwan stew pork zong zi and beans and pork meat
                                                                                               zong zi.
                                                                                               Beautifully packaged festive gift boxes and hampers are also
                                                                                               available at Summer Palace.

           “香格里拉会宴精粹”:缔造专属体验                                                  幸运周末,赢取超值礼遇

           香格里拉酒店集团推出专为会议策划及旅行专家而设的“会宴精粹”及“贵宾金                                悠闲周末入住北京中国大饭店,与家人及好友欢度舒适惬意的快乐时光。2016
           环会会宴奖励计划”,这是业内首屈一指的会议及会宴常客奖励计划。会议及旅                                年 5 月 16 日至 8 月 31 日期间预订“周末房间特惠包价”,宾客不仅尊享奢华
           行专家和贵宾金环会会员均可藉此计划在举办会议或活动时获取或兑换积分,于                                舒适的温馨客房,还可参与幸运大抽奖,赢得超值好礼。惊喜礼品包括:精致巧
           全球各大香格里拉大酒店、嘉里大酒店及今旅酒店享受尊崇礼遇。                                      克力;大堂酒廊无酒精饮品;咖啡苑自助晚餐券;超值客房升级礼遇;尊享豪华
           如欲了解更多有关“香格里拉会宴精粹”的信息,请浏览                      阁奢华礼遇;或酒店住宿体验!
           EventsCollection。如欲加入贵宾金环会,请浏览。    For more information and reservations, please visit 如需了解详情或预订,请登录:
           THE SHANGRI-LA EVENTS COLLECTION:                                  rooms-suites/weekend-staycationpwkend/


           Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts launched the Shangri-La Events Collection and Golden Circle
           Event Planner Rewards, an industry-leading meeting and events loyalty programme. This
           programme will offer meeting and travel professionals and any Golden Circle member
           the ability to earn elite status as well as earn and redeem points for groups, meetings,
           conferences and events across the Shangri-La, Kerry and Hotel Jen portfolio.
           For information about the Shangri-La Events Collection, please visit
           EventsCollection. To join Golden Circle, please visit
                                                                              GET LUCKY @ CHINA WORLD HOTEL

                                                                              Celebrate the weekend with your family or friends by enjoying a weekend escape in the
                                                                              comfort and luxury of China World Hotel from 16 May to 31 August 2016.  Each guest who
                                                                              book the "Weekend Staycation" package will get to try their luck with our instant draw
                                                                              upon arrival at the hotel. Exciting prizes include home-made chocolates, welcome drink at
                                                                              Lobby Lounge, buffet dinner at Scene-a-Café, room upgrade to Executive Suite, Horizon
                                                                              Lounge access or even win a one-night stay at the hotel!
           以上价格均为人民币,并需加收 10% 服务费及在上述价格与服务费总额上计征的政府税及增值税。
           All prices are in RMB and are subject to 10% service charge and any government taxes and value-added tax (where applicable) payable on the prices together with the service charge.
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