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CHINA WORLD   MAY 2016 / 2016 年 5 月刊  05

                                                                                                    2016 春季会员换礼活动


                                                                                                    必威登录商城于4 月15日-5月14日举办的“2016年
                                                                                                    自 2013 年 11 月必威登录商城会员卡上线以来,商城已
                                                                                                    举办 5 次积分换礼活动,活动高峰期每日接待数百
                                                                                                    名会员。下次积分换礼将在 2016 年 11 月进行。
                                                                                                    CHINA WORLD MALL 2016

                                                                                                    SPRING MEMBER REWARD

                                                        LOVE MORE – START YOUR                      POINTS REDEMPTION EVENT
                                                        JOURNEY OF LOVE                             2016 spring member reward points redemption event was
                                                                                                    successfully held from 15th April to 14th May by China
                                                        From May 7th to 15th, LOVE MORE, the annual marketing   World Mall. The event offered various selected gifts which

           “爱·贸”主题活动浪漫开启                                campaign focusing on the theme of wedding, was held at   include cash coupons accepted by China World Hotel,
                                                                                                    China World Summit Wing and Traders Hotel, supermarket
                                                        China World Mall. Two main events, “Wedding Season”
           2016 年 5 月 7 日 -5 月 15 日,必威登录商城举办“爱 . 贸”       and “Fine Little Days”, were presented for the shoppers   stored value cards and movie tickets etc. Five such events
           浪漫主题活动,两大主题为“必威登录好时光”及“爱 . 贸                   and patrons.                                have been organized  since the membership program was
           婚礼季”。必威登录商城携手餐桌布置艺术家曾焱冰女士                      With the theme of Wedding Season, LOVE MORE   launched in November 2013. The 2016 autumn redemption
           举办《没完没了的好时光》新书发布会及“必威登录好时光”                    created a romantic wedding exhibition, micro-movie and   event will be held in the month of November.
           野餐市集。都市白领在忙忙碌碌的生活中也可以享受                      elegant fashion guide book contributed by China World
                                                                                                      >> 即将发生  UPCOMING EVENTS
           到阳光草地的野餐氛围,放松片刻心情。“爱 . 贸婚                    Hotel, China World Summit Wing and the brands in
           礼季”活动以婚恋倒计时 100 天为线索,通过婚恋展、                  China World Mall.                             2016 Le Creuset 客户答谢会
           《爱 . 贸联盟手册》及微电影的形式,为正在准备婚                    Madam Zeng Yanbing, the famous table setting stylist,
           礼的消费者带来一站式高端婚礼解决方案。                          launched her new book "Fine Little Days" and brought
                                                                                                      日期:2016 年 6 月 17 日 -19 日
           漂亮的餐桌,浪漫的婚礼,“爱 . 贸”让平凡生活变                    a unique experience of artistic table setting exhibition in
                                                                                                      地点:北京必威登录商城区域 3,会员中心门前
           得更美好。                                        conjunction with a picnic bazaar.

                                                        Drive de Cartier 男士腕

                                                        为富有生活热情的优雅男士打造的卡地亚 Drive de
                                                        Cartier 腕表将于今年五月优雅上市。表壳以玫瑰 K
                                                        盘,搭配经典罗马数字时标及剑形指针。其中包括搭                       2016 LE CREUSET FAMILY SALE
                                                        载 9452 MC 型浮动式陀飞轮机芯的高级制表款,荣
                                                                                                      UP to 80% off
                                                        膺“Poin?on de Genève”(日内瓦优质印记);另
                                                                                                      Date: 17th - 19th June, 2016
                                                        外四款 Drive de Cartier 腕表搭载 1904-PS MC 型机       Location: Membership Center Zone 3

                                                        CARTIER LAUNCHES DRIVE                        爱眼日活动
                                                        DE CARTIER WATCH IN MAY                       6 月 1 日至 7 日,艾莱克斯专业眼镜店将举办一
                                                        Over and above a strongly defined character, the aesthetic   专业化的眼部检查,如角膜度数、眼压等,并能
                                                        emphasis of the Drive de Cartier watch changes with each   现场获取医师的建议。
                                                        different model. Its case, in pink gold or steel, is fitted with   EYE-CARE DAY EVENT
                                                        a black, grey or white guilloché dial marked by Roman   Alexis Luxury Eyewear is going to hold the annual
                                                        numerals punctuated with sword-shaped hands.
                                                                                                      Eye-care Event from 1st to 7th of June. During the
                                                        The Drive de Cartier watch is also available in a Fine   event, you can have free and professional optical
                                                        Watchmaking version, with a flying tourbillon 9452 MC,
                                                                                                      check up and advice from the oculist.
                                                        certified “Poin?on de Genève”.
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