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CHINA WORLD   JUNE 2016 / 2016 年 6 月刊  10


                                                                                                    夏花盛放,让我们为青春喝彩。7 月 1 日至 8 月 31 日,
                                                                                                    考证,即可抽取奖多重好礼!奖项包括:高达全单 5
                                                                                                    美食店 2 磅蛋糕券;阿丽雅双人周末早午餐券;大
                                                                                                         (86-10) 6505 5838
                                                                                                    CELEBRATE FOR GRADUATION

                                                                                                    SEASON NOW!

                                                                                                    A time for joy, a time for tears….The graduation season is
                                                                                                    a celebratory time!
                                                                                                    Scene a Cafe will hold a food festival for graduates from
                                                                                                    1st July to 31st August 2016, and you will get to try your
                                                                                                    luck with our instant draw too! Exciting prizes include
           咖啡苑:招牌菜                                     SCENE A CAF?:                                champagne bottles, mooncake boxes, buffet vouchers at

           北京美食爱好者大有口福啦——行政总厨张景洲                       NEW SIGNATURE DISHES                         Scene a Cafe, cake vouchers at The Sweet Spot, weekend
                                                                                                    brunch vouchers at Aria, afternoon tea vouchers at Lobby
                                                       Executive Chef Stephen Teo is set to delight Beijing diners   Lounge, and even a one-night stay in the deluxe room at
                                                       with his signature dishes and an exciting new menu at   the hotel!
           来自马来西亚的张景洲行政总厨,至今已拥有 21
                                                       Scene a Cafe. Hailing from Malaysia, Chef Stephen has
                                                       over 21 years of experience in the culinary world. With his
                                                       creativity and culinary skills, plus a contemporary touch to
                                                       the food preparation, set up and presentation, guests can
           验。咖啡苑招牌菜包括 :  澳洲战斧牛排,新西兰
                                                       expect a delectable and memorable dining experience.
                                                       Signature dishes include Australian Tomahawk Steak, New
                (86-10) 6505 5838
                                                       Zealand Lamb Skewer with Cumin and Chili, Braised Ox-
                                                       tail with Abalone and Durian Cake.

                                                                赢取               港龙航空双人公务舱往返机票及


                                              WIN A VACATION                     FOR TWO WITH BEIJING-HONGKONG BUSINESS CLASS

                                                                                 ROUND TRIP TICKETS FROM DRAGONAIR AND
                                                                                 A TWO-NIGHT STAY AT ISLAND SHANGRI-LA, HONG KONG

                                                          赢取如此心动大奖,只需以下步骤:                        Want to win this grand prize? Simply follow these steps:
                                                          1.  关注“国泰航空”和“北京中国大饭店”官方微信              1.   Become a fan of the official WeChat accounts of “ 国泰航空 “
                                                                                                     and “ 北京中国大饭店 “
                                                          2.  享用阿丽雅联合港龙航空推出的特色航空餐品,并在您
                                                                                                  2.   Post photos of “The aviation dish and me” in your own friend
                                                            的朋友圈晒出“航空餐品和我的照片”( 宾客可在港龙航
                                                                                                     WeChat circle (The aviation dishes are available on Dragonair
                                                            空飞机和阿丽雅餐厅体验特制航空菜品 )                      flight and in ARIA restaurant)
                                                                                                  3.   Send the screenshot to the WeChat accounts of “ 国泰航空 “
                                                          3.   截图发送到“国泰航空”和“北京中国大饭店”的官方微信
                                                                                                     and “ 北京中国大饭店 “
                                                          4.  照片发送截至日期为 2016 年 8 月 15 日
                                                                                                  4.   The photo submission is valid until 15 August 2016
                                                          5.   2016 年 8 月 22 日将公布特等奖幸运获得者         5.   The only lucky winner will be announced on 22 August 2016

                                                   惊喜礼品           每两周还有 5名幸运获奖者!
                                                     SURPRISING   Five lucky winners will be
                                                      GIFTS       August 2016!
                                                                  selected in biweely until 15
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