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                                                                                                      2016 年 6 月 1 日,《魔兽》电影选在北京国
           首届世界旅游发展大会                                   WORLD TOURISM CONGRESS                        影响力的视频游戏,受众极其广泛,这些强大
           在京举行                                         The annual tourism congress was held in China World

           2016 年 5 月 17 日至 21 日,首届世界旅游发展大会在            Summit Wing from 17 to 21 May 2016. Fullest attention
           京举行。必威登录大酒店又一次被选为接待酒店,承担了                      was spent to ensure that over 100 VIP guests who stayed
           此次重要的外事接待任务。酒店全体通力协作,用高                      in the hotel receive the highest standard of Shangri-La
           质量的服务确保超过 100 位贵宾充分感受香格里拉的                   hospitality. The hotel also hosted several related events
           待客之道。旅游大会期间,在酒店举办了包括欢迎晚                      and welcomed distinguished guests from government
           宴在内的一系列相关活动,成功接待了包括 19 个国家                   ministries, United Nations and media partners from 19
           的旅游部长、政府官员、联合国工作人员以及各国媒体。                    countries.

           必威登录大酒店红馆                                      10,000  PEKING DUCK SERVED!
           第   10,000      只烤鸭出炉                        The Red Chamber welcomed an unusual buzz in the air   WARCRAFT MANIA

           幸运大奖得主隆重揭晓                                   on 27 May! At the peak of lunch operations at around   It was a starry afternoon on 1 June as the hotel
                                                        noon, hotel management and staff were on stand-by
                                                                                                      welcomed the crew of “Warcraft” , the highly-
           2016年5月27日12点53分,随着厨师高举手势                    to award a lucky sole guest who ordered the 10,000    hyped Hollywood blockbuster. Director Duncan
           示意,红馆第 10,000 只烤鸭隆重出炉,获得此幸运                  Peking Duck. At the Duck Chef’s signal, General Manager   Jones, along with main cast Daniel Wu and Paula
           大奖的顾客也随之产生。这位超级幸运的客人是来                       Mr. Hakan Ozel personally presented the prize of free   Patton greeted excited fans outside Summit
           自新加坡航空公司的吴文超先生,他获得了全年在                       serving of Peking Duck for 1 year to Mr. Wu. Dining and   Ballroom before patiently answered media
           必威登录大酒店红馆免费吃烤鸭的特别大奖。                           hotel stay vouchers were also awarded to other diners   questions with their insights on the movie.
                                                        who were present.

                                                        暑期家庭游  欢乐享不停                                SUMMER FAMILY FUN

                                                        暑期将至,北京必威登录大酒店特别推出“家庭欢享礼遇”,                   Beat the heat with a “Summer Family Fun” vacation!
                                                        为游览北京的家庭带来多重惊喜。价格为行政客房每                     Enjoy a relaxing daily breakfast at Grill 79 and bask in the
                                                        晚人民币1988 元起,有效期2016 年7 月1 日至12              beautiful views of the capital city with complimentary
                                                        月 31 日,专属礼遇包括:两名大人及一名儿童于国                   admission tickets to major attractions. Surprise your child
                                                        贸 79 西餐厅享受每日早餐;两张成人及一张儿童的                   with welcome in-room amenities. Offer is valid from 1
                                                        北京主要旅游景点门票三张;儿童专属客房备品及欢                     July to 31 December 2016.
                                                           (86-10) 8571 6688
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