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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2016 / 2016 年 8 月刊  10

                                                  2016年7月11日至9月17日  11 July - 17 September 2016

           中秋佳节客房特惠                                     FASCINATING MID- AUTUMN

           中秋佳节,欢聚地处北京商务核心区中国大饭店,                       FESTIVE CELEBRATION
                                                        Stay at a comfortable deluxe room with the special
           币 1100* 元,还可获精美秋月月饼礼盒一份!
                                                        festive package rate, you will get a complimentary box of
                                                        Autumn Moon mooncake! At only RMB 1100* per room
                                                        per night, inclusive of the following benefits:
                                                         Deluxe Room accommodation, single/double occupancy
                (86-10) 6505 8885
                                                         Complimentary wired and wireless broadband internet

           中国工商银行携手香格里拉酒店集团                                                     宴会大厅华彩再现

                                                                                WE ARE REBORNED!
                                                                                We are proud to unveil the beautiful Conference Hall. EXPERIENCES YOUR DESIGN.
           格里拉酒店及度假酒店消费 3 倍积分、餐饮 85 折、信用卡首年年费减免等三大尊
                                                                                We are here to help make your event a success!
           享礼遇。更多优惠还包括全球最优房价 9 折、健身中心年卡最高 8 折、快速会员
           升级、以及新卡消费 3 个月满 30,000 人民币赠送 1000 金环会积分等系列活动。
           ICBC AND SHANGRI-LA HOTELS AND RESORTS                               GOLD LEAVES  100,000 PC 片                          金箔


           CREDIT CARD                                                                   WOOL  6,600 KG 公斤                         羊毛

           Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
           jointly announce the launch of the “ICBC Shangri-La Credit Card”. Shangri-La is ICBC’s      PAINT  4,000 LITERS 升       涂料
           first co-branded credit card hotel partner.
           In addition to the financial functions, the ICBC Shangri-La Credit Card offers

           unparalleled privileges and benefits for food and room experiences at Shangri-La     WALLPAPER  2,300 SQM 平方米 墙纸
           properties worldwide. Cardholders are entitled to earn triple points for spend at all
           Shangri-La hotels and resorts, enjoy a 15 per cent discount when dining at Shangri-La
           hotels and are exempt from the first-year annual card fee. Additional promotions include a      FABRIC  350 SQM 平方米     布料
           10 per cent discount on best available rates for guestrooms; up to 20 per cent off annual
           membership fees for fitness centres; fast-tracked membership upgrade; and 1,000
           bonus Golden Circle                                                  MAN HOURS  1,880 HOURS 小时  工时
           Award Points for new
           cards upon spending
           more than RMB 30,000                                                      AND LOSTS OF LOVE......
           within three months of
           card issuance.                                                                                               ......

           以上价格均为人民币,并需加收 10% 服务费及在上述价格与服务费总额上计征的政府税及增值税(如适用)。
           All prices are in RMB and are subject to 10% service charge and any government taxes and value-added tax (where applicable) payable on the prices together with the service charge.
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