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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2016 / 2016 年 8 月刊 11


           具有高蛋白,低脂肪,维生素 A、C、D 及钙、钠、钾、
           价每只仅需人民币 158 元!
                (86-10) 6505 2277-34

           The Boston lobster lives in cold waters and has a tender
           and meticulous meat that is high in protein, low in fat,
           rich in vitamins A, C and D, calcium, sodium, potassium,
           magnesium, iron and other trace elements. The Oriental
           prepares fresh lobster in the best cooking method to
           let you experience a new taste. Only limited numbers
           available per day at just RMB158 per piece.

                                                        扬州美食节                                       鸳鸯意面

                                                        淮扬菜作为中国四大菜系之一,素有“东南第一佳                      酒吧新品——鸳鸯意面现已闪亮登场!精选意大利
                                                        味,中华之至美”之美誉。淮扬菜注重刀工和火候,                     清酱面搭配墨鱼面,全新口感,与众不同。每份仅
                                                          味道清鲜平和,追求食材本味。因此,近年来得                     售人民币 68 元。
                                                            到越来越多食客的青睐。2016 年 8 月 15 日至                  (86-10) 6505 2277-36
                                                              8 月 31 日,东方餐厅特别推出扬州美食节。
                                                                     (86-10) 6505 2277-34

                                                                HUAIYANG FOOD

                                                                PROMOTION AT THE


                                                          cuisines.  It is known for its exquisite cooking  YING YANG SPAGHETTI AT T-BAR
                                                            Huaiyang cuisine is one of China’s four major

                                                        methods, variety of dishes and delicate taste. From 15   T-Bar’s New Dish - Ying Yang Spaghetti is now on! Taste
                                                        to 31 August 2016, The Oriental at Traders Hotel, Beijing   something new and different with our Squid Ink and
                                                        presents the best Huaiyang dishes to Beijing guests.  Pesto sauce pasta. Priced at RMB68 per portion.

           蓝色椰浆饭                                                                                    “BLUE NASI LEMAK“

           椰浆饭是马来西亚和新加坡常见的一道美食,椰浆                                                                   Nasi Lemak is a famous food in Malaysia and Singapore,
           的营养价值非常高,它能补充人体所需的糖类、脂肪、                                                                 coconut milk is high in nutritional value, which can
           蛋白质、维生素 B 族、维生素 C、微量元素钾、镁等,                                                              provide necessary carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamin
           以此来提高人体的免疫力。蝶豆花含有天然蓝色素,                                                                  B, C and microelement such as potassium, magnesium
           含有丰富的维他命 A、C、E,具有止痛、补脑、保                                                                 to improve immunity. Clitoria Ternatea has natural blue
           健心血管的作用。三江咖啡厅现将二者融为一体,                                                                   pigment, contains rich vitamin A, C, E, it beneficial to
           推出包含丰富营养的蓝色椰浆饭,让您在品尝美味                                                                   brain and prevent heart disease. T-Bazaar at Traders
           的同时一举两得,每份仅售人民币 68 元。                                                                    Hotel, Beijing combined Nasi Lemak and the Clitoria
                (86-10) 6505 2277-35                                                                Ternatea together create a new dish “Blue Nasi Lemak”
                                                                                                    which is rich in nutrients. Priced at RMB68 per portion.
           以上价格均为人民币,并需加收 10% 服务费及在上述价格与服务费总额上计征的政府税及增值税。
           All prices are in RMB and are subject to 10% service charge and any government taxes and value-added tax payable on the prices together with the service charge.
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