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                                                                          LEAVE BORING BEHIND

                                                                    WITH HOTEL JEN BEIJING

             COMING SOON

                                                        土著盛典                                        NATIVE RITUALS

           最近有关新必威登录饭店的消息不胫而走,这家属于今                       我们会分享一些北京地区当地的风俗礼仪、土著文化                     We will be sharing the local cultural habits and rituals of
           旅酒店品牌的新酒店将焕然一新,年轻并富有活力。                      和一些只有北京土著才知道的当地仪式。我们要了解                     Beijing. We want to know about the details and hidden
           是什么使得今旅酒店如此独一无二?本期我们将带                       那些从旅游书籍里查不到的风土人情,去探索隐藏在                     gems that aren’t mentioned in the guide books. Things
           您走进这个年轻的酒店品牌。“告别沉闷”是今旅                       本地区最深处的秘密文化。比如在喧闹繁华的城市中                     like where one can learn tai-chi at sunset, observe the
           品牌最新推出的活动,将引领全亚洲的客人远离平                       哪里可以打一场日落太极,在车水马龙的高峰期,到                     hustle and bustle at peak hour, or enjoy local live music.
           淡无奇的旅行,给您最精彩的住宿体验及城市探索,                      哪里才能欣赏到现场演奏的土著音乐。
           告别沉闷的生活轨迹,寻找生命的无限可能,一起                                                                   AFTER HOURS
           迎接一个更有趣的自己!                                  工作之余
           坐落繁华 CBD 中心的新必威登录饭店同样期待为来自世                                                                We are diving deep into what people do before sunrise and
           界各地的客人带来一段非常之旅。下面我们将介绍                                                                   after dark. We’re ready to show our visitors around. For
           今旅品牌的四个亮点:                                                                               starters we will show them where to grab a jianbing in the
           You may have heard a bit about Hotel Jen Beijing.  In   煎饼;带他们去一个晨跑圣地或是找到那些隐藏在胡          morning, a cool spot for a run at dawn, or the lesser known
           this issue we want to take it back a step and introduce                                  night market and hidden speak easies around town.
           what makes the Hotel Jen brand so unique. Hotel Jen   合说悄悄话的地方。
           has just recently launched a new campaign. With the                                      GET-SET- EAT
           Leave Boring Behind campaign, we want to show how
           guests can #LeaveBoringBehind at Hotel Jens all around   饮食之道                            What are Beijingers’ favourite food haunts and why? Is it
                                                                                                    because of the history, ambience or the flavours on their
           Asia. The brand promise is to help travelers seize the   北京土著们喜欢吃什么?他们为什么喜欢这些食物?
           stay, meet the locals and unravel the city.     是因为这座城市的历史、气氛还是仅仅因为餐盘上的                  plate? What are the stories behind some of the culinary
                                                                                                    specialties in Beijing?
           Hotel Jen Beijing is looking forward to doing the   美食?这些故事背后又隐藏着怎样的美食文化?
           same right in the heart of the CBD! We will do this
           by introducing the brands four passion points to our   JEN 的艺术                           JEN-WHY-ART
                                                        我们将多种多样的艺术形式呈现到大家面前,从街边                     We’re going to be showcasing and celebrating the various
                                                        艺术到美术馆文化,从快闪到建筑学。我们要找寻的                     forms of art, from the streets to galleries or pop-up events
                                                        是北京的灵魂支柱和那些生活在这里的“创客”。                      to architecture. We want to find the heart and soul of
                                                        我们希望你已经准备好了,加入我们一起 # 告别沉闷                   Beijing and the creative people who live here.
                                                                                                    We hope you are ready to join us and
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