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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2016 / 2016 年 8 月刊  05

           “钉”义自已                                       NAIL DOWN YOURSELF                          BROWHAUS & STRIP

           鹿晗真我诠释 JUSTE UN CLOU                         LU HAN PRESENTS                             必威登录特别折扣

           独立精神                                         THE INDEPENDENT SPIRIT OF                   风靡全球的脱毛专家—Strip 以及面部精致造型品牌—

           2016 年 7 月,卡地亚携手品牌挚友、中国新生代                   CARTIER JUSTE UN CLOU                       Browhaus 正式进驻北京必威登录商城。
           明星——鹿晗,为极具独立自由精神的 JUSTE UN                                                               脱毛品牌“Strip ”特别引进 Alma 以色列高端脱毛仪器,
                                                        In July 2016, Cartier officially launched masion film   疼痛感降低 75% ,效果提高 40% 。它深受爱美人士
           CLOU 系列演绎全新大片《钉义自己》。摩登的城市
                                                        "Nail Down Yourself" with Mr. Lu Han, the hottest   好评,为你带来更完美的脱毛体验。
           街景幻化为灯光绚丽的舞台,鹿晗佩戴卡地亚 JUSTE
           UN CLOU 系列作品,在充满节奏感的音乐中,勇敢                   representative of Chinese new generation, to bring out the   总被时尚人士推崇的新加坡面部精致造型第一品牌
                                                        independent spirit of Juste Un Clou. The street scenes of   “Browhaus”提供众多的眉睫造型项目,传承经典却
                                                        modern city mirage into a magnificent spotlight-lit stage,   带来与众不同,其塑眉项目深受众多明星追捧。来到
           JUSTE UN CLOU,诞生于 1970 年代,是不朽与狂
                                                        and Lu Han, dances with Cartier’s Juste Un Clou, to the   “Browhaus”,让崇尚天然纯净护肤方式的我们,共
                                                        pulse of the world with confidence and control.  驻纯净梦想,唤醒高端品质新生活。
                            内涵又远远不止于此。出自卡               Juste Un Clou, born in the 1970s, expresses the longing   即日起,必威登录商城会员卡、工作证、名片到店均可享
                                                        and desire for boundless freedom and vitality. Beyond   受“Strip”及“Browhaus”首单七折优惠。
                              地亚鬼才设计师 Aldo Cipullo
                                                        the original meaning of “Just a nail”, Juste Un Clou’s      L204&205, L2, Zone 1 商城区域 1
                               之 手,JUSTE UN CLOU
                                                        enduring charm and passion never stopped over nearly     (86-10) 6505 3070; 65053004
                                                        half a century. Born by the hand of Cartier’s genius
                                    别致的造型,赋予了           creative designer Aldo Cipullo with the inspiration
                                                        source of ordinary hardware, Juste un Clou gave the
                                                        wearers the temperament of non-conformism and
                                                        fearless creativity.
                                                            L103&104 ZONE1 商城区域 1
                                                           (86-10) 6505 6660

           摇曳一夏                                         SUMMER SWING                                BROWHAUS & STRIP

           LOEWE 罗意威 HAMMOCK 手袋                         LOEWE HAMMOCK BAG                           BARGAINS FOR CHINA WORLD

           “实用、靓丽、功能众多”完美概括了 Hammock 手                  Versatility and eye-catching, multi-functional form define   World’s 1st concept hair removal salon Strip and specialty
           袋的特色,这款 LOEWE 罗意威的最新产品采用全新                   the Hammock, the latest, completely novel bag design   brow and lashes grooming salon Browhaus have arrived at
           设计理念并选用品质最上乘的小牛皮。                            from LOEWE.                                 China World Mall.
           本季将推出两个尺寸和多种迷人的色彩选择。其最大                      New in stores this season in two sizes and an attractive   Hair removal salon Strip introduces an Israel  advanced hair
           特色是有多种携带方式,确保舒适自由,随时打造不                      color palette, the Hammock is made out the world’s   removal apparatus - Alma, which could reduce 75% pain
           同的风格。                                        finest calf leather.                        and increase 40% effect. It is accepted widely by people who
            Hammock(吊床)的名称源于其独特的造型,柔                    The bag’s ultimate feature is the freedom to carry it in   want to look good and bring you perfect hair removal taste.
           软的线条和外形设计与功能性的完美切合。和其他                       a variety of ways, guaranteeing modern comfort and a   Always recommend by fashionistas, Browhaus entirely
           LOEWE 罗意威产品一样,每个小细节都考究至极,                    different character for different times of the day.  dedicated to offer fashion and safe face treatments for
           外部和内部均有实用的侧袋,同时,Hammock 标志                   And thanks to the distinctive shape that gives it its name,   customers, as well as a range of personalized brow, lashes
           性设计,增添了手绘边缘的奢华感。                             the Hammock’s aesthetics and supple lines are on par   and lip care services. Two classic brow shaping techniques
                                                        with its advanced functionality. As with other LOEWE   to give you cleaner, more shapely and defined brows.
                                                        bags, no effort was spared even on the smallest details,   Browhaus’ signature semi-permanent treatment, brow
                                                        evident in practical exterior and inside pockets, and in the   resurrection, is a famous treatment and preferred by famous
                                                        Hammock’s characteristic, luxurious hand-painted edges.  stars. Now, you could experience the transformation right at
                                                        Limited edition Disney toys and dolls are available at the   your doorstep. This summer, have your face booked for that
                                                        Disney Pop Up Station. Many of the toys and dolls are   captivating new look!
                                                        appearing for the first time in China.      Now, by means of membership card of China World Mall,
                                                            L120 ZONE1 商城区域 1                       employee’s card or business card could enjoy 30% discount
                                                           (86-10) 6505 6866                        off both Browhaus and Strip first time.
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