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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2016 / 2016 年 8 月刊  09

                                  我们准备好了,2016 北京马拉松!- 益呼百应,为爱出发

                                             WE ARE READY - 2016 BEIJING MARATHON!


                                                                                                    休闲、睡眠等区域一应俱全,房间安装了 PM2.5 空

                指定酒店                                         HOST HOTEL

           北京中国大饭店被北京马拉松指定为官方唯一指定酒                      China World Hotel, Beijing has been designated as the only
           店,为前来参加北京马拉松的竞跑者提供餐饮住宿服务。                    official accommodation venue for runners coming all over
                                                        the world for the 2016 Beijing Marathon.
                                                                                                         COMFORTABLE  ACCOMMODATION
                健康食品及能量特饮                                                                           The hotel’s spacious guestrooms and suites have been

           饭店厨师团队为马拉松跑者准备了一系列的健康食品及能量特饮,将有                                                          thoughtfully redesigned with the modern traveller’s comfort,
           助于跑者提高耐力训练,到达最佳运动水平。                                                                     security and productivity in mind, with clearly delineated
           阿丽雅酒吧:能量特饮含有菠萝汁、橙汁、热情果糖浆、红牛及红石榴汁,                                                        areas for working, studying or entertaining, relaxing,
           可增加跑者耐力并提供能量。                                                                            sleeping and bathing. Following a refurbishment, all hotel
           大堂酒廊:受运动精神启发,饼房厨师们特制了马拉松下午茶,主要有谷物                                                        guestrooms are equipped with the latest PM2.5 air-filtration
           能量棒, 蛋白粉香草布丁及香蕉菠萝椰子蛋糕,这些营养丰富的食物将使                                                        technology from industry leader Honeywell.
           跑者们保持强壮体魄。                                                                               Enjoy a 10% discount off when booking room before 31
           咖啡苑:香草烤羊排                                                                                August 2016.
                HEALTHY FOOD AND ENERGY DRINK                                 刚刚装修完毕的健身俱乐部已经成为火热的马拉松
                                                                              体能训练中心啦 - 温水游泳池,设施先进的健身房,
           How food and drink can help your running? Our culinary team prepare a list of healthy food   壁球场、室内网球场以及蒸气浴室和按摩浴池,是
           and energy drink that power up endurance athletes’ workout and help you achieve the peak   锻炼体能的绝佳场所。宾客亦可在紧张运动后体验
           performance.                                                       传统中式按摩或氧气房,舒缓肌肉,放松身心。
           Aria Bar - Energy Power contains pineapple juice, orange juice, passion fruit monin, red bull,   自 8 月 12 日至 9 月 9 日每周五晚六点,健身俱乐
           grenadine which are believed to increase the stamina and provide you effective energy.  部为业余马拉松选手提供专业指导训练课程。
           Lobby Lounge -  Inspired by the spirit of sports,   the  pastry
           chef specially created a set of Marathon Afternoon Tea                  MARATHON TRAINING CENTER
           which mainly features granola Bar, panna cotta and Banana          The newly refurbished Health Club has been completed converted into the Marathon
           pineapple cake. These nutrient-dense foods that will help          Training Center!It  features a heated indoor swimming pool, squash courts, tennis courts
           keep runners strong.                                               and a state-of-the-art gymnasium which is equipped with spacious exercise studios and
           Scene a Café: Roasted lamb rack with fresh herbs                   the latest cardio-fitness machines. Indulge in the traditional Chinese massage or try out
           Slim down, speed up, and boost your health with key                the oxygen room after a great workout to ease your muscles and refresh your soul.
           nutrient-packed foods. The lamb rack is low fat and rich in        The special training sessions arranged for amateur or seasoned marathoner are available
           protein which enhance physical growth and muscle recovery.         at 6 pm on every Friday starting  12 August till 9 September!
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