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           华城律师事务所自 2009 年起在必威登录写字楼 1 座 3 层
           迁至必威登录写字楼 1 座 5 层,新的办公区装修风格焕
           1999 年 6 月成立,系由原对外贸易经济合作部下属
           断进取新兴业务领域,在北京、上海、深圳、长沙                       GREAT WALL LAW FIRM TAKES A STEP UP IN THE WORLD
           产和建设工程、国际业务、私募股权与投资基金、                       To meet rising demand, Great Wall Law Firm has moved   Established in June 1999 with the approval by the
           知识产权、旅游和酒店管理等各个专业领域的优秀                       up two floors to a newly-decorated office on the fifth   Ministry of Justice, Great Wall Law Firm was founded
           律师,通过真诚的服务理念、客观准确的法律判断、                      floor of China World Office 1.              by senior partners who originally worked for the former
           勤勉克已的工作态度、专业严谨的法律素养及务实                       Great Wall lawyers have been providing professional and   Great Wall Law Firm at the original Ministry of Foreign
           高效的解决方案,为境内外客户提供专业优质的法                       high-quality legal service since 2009 to clients in Beijing,   Trade and Economic Cooperation.
           律服务,成为客户能够长久信赖的合作伙伴。                         Shanghai, Shenzhen and Changsha.

               OL?  精品超市国庆多重优惠回馈                                              GREAT NATIONAL DAY GIVEAWAYS @ OL?

               必威登录写字楼租户                                                        Olé is offering China World Offices tenants exquisite gift packages, healthy and

               国庆期间,Olé 精品超市为必威登录写字楼租户特别提供了多重优惠活动,精美的                           nutritious eats during National Day holidays. Children are welcome.
               礼品组合、健康的营养套餐、趣味十足的美食体验,传递不同的吃法、玩儿法,                            Bring along your office tenant identity card to claim a limited number of special gifts
               超市欢迎租户们带上家里未来的小主人到 Olé 体验丰富有趣的生活。2016 年                        at Olé before October 7 including:
               10 月 7 日前写字楼租户凭“租户身份卡”前往 Olé 会有意想不到的惊喜,更可                        Spend 88 yuan and claim one of 50 free Tesori D'oriente trial packs
               尊享丰富的到店消费礼:                                                      Spend 288 yuan and claim one of 15 free Olé umbrellas
                当日单笔消费满 88 元赠送东方宝石试用套装一份(限量 50 份)                               Spend 588 yuan and claim one of 10 free Hallmark bears
                当日单笔消费满 288 元赠送 Olé 精美雨伞一把(限量 15 把)                             Spend 788 yuan and claim one of 3 Go Travel Comfort-USR pillows
                当日单笔消费满 588 元赠送贺曼熊玩偶一只(限量 10 个)                                 Spend 988 yuan and claim one of 3 free Footbar duck stockpots
                单笔消费满 788 元赠送 GO TRAVEL U 型枕一个(限量 3 个)
                单笔消费满 988 元赠送 FOOTBAR 双鸭嘴汤锅一个(限量 3 个)
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