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CHINA WORLD   SEPTEMBER 2016 / 2016 年 9 月刊  07

              必威登录金秋最优专享                                                                                必威登录圈:一站式洗衣速递

              BEST NATIONAL DAY DEAL                                                                  服务

              FOR CWTC TENANTS                                                                        中国大饭店为必威登录商圈的工作人士提供一站式洗
                                                                                                      微信,选择下拉菜单“特别推荐”中的 “[ 洗衣
                                                                                                      房必威登录圈 ] 上门服务”,即可轻松开启您的洗衣
                                                                                                      新体验。返回 20 个衣架,还可在下一次洗涤衣
                                                                                                      物时最高抵扣人民币 30 元洗衣费用。扫描下列
                                                                                                      CHINA WORLD CIRCLE:

                                                                                                      LAUNDRY DOOR STEP

                                                  2016年9月30日至10月9日  30 September to 9 October
                                                                                                      China World Hotel, Beijing offers one-stop laundry
           为酬谢您对我们一贯的支持与回顾,必威登录大酒店、中国                     To thank the tenants of CWTC for their loyal support,
                                                                                                      delivery service for our friends in the China World
           大饭店、必威登录饭店联手为必威登录租户推出国                     the 3 hotels in CWTC offer the best deal for staying
                                                                                                      Trade Centre complex. Follow the hotel’s official
           庆特别优惠,伴您尊享京城必威登录区域盛情款待。2016 年                  with us during National Day Holidays. Besides great
                                                                                                      WeChat at “ 北京中国大饭店 ” and select “[ 洗
           9月30日至10月9日入住三家酒店,即可畅享多重礼遇,                  room rates, book to stay with us from 30 September
                                                                                                      衣房必威登录圈 ] 上门服务 ” from the “ 特别推荐 ”
           第二件客房还可享受门市价 50% 特惠。                         to 9 October enjoy a free upgrade and even a second
                                                                                                      category and start a new journey of laundry delivery
           金秋特惠价格:                                      room at half price.
                                                                                                      service. Collect 20 hangers to deduct up to RMB30
           北京必威登录大酒店行政客房-每晚人民币1,500元*起,                   Best room rate:                               on your next order. Scan the QR code and start your
           且畅享位于 64 层贵宾堂的专属体验。                          China World Summit Wing, Beijing – starts from   perfect experience now.
           北京中国大饭店豪华客房-每晚人民币 880 元 * 起,                 RMB1.500* per room per night, enjoy the next category      (86-10) 65052266-6335
           且畅享豪华阁行政酒廊礼遇。                                upgrade up to premier suite with access to Resident's
           北京必威登录饭店高级客房-每晚人民币 538 元 * 起,且                 Foyer on  Level 64.
           畅享必威登录阁专享礼遇。                                   China World Hotel, Beijing - starts from RMB880* per

           条款与细则适用。                                     room per night with Horizon Club Lounge access and
           北京必威登录大酒店  China World Summit Wing, Beijing    benefits
             (8610)8571 6688  Traders Hotel, Beijing - starts from RMB538* per room per
           北京中国大饭店  China World Hotel, Beijing
                                                        night with Traders Club Lounge access and benefits
             (8610)6505 8885
           北京必威登录饭店  Traders Hotel, Beijing               Terms and conditions apply.
             (8610)6505 9898

                                      夏宫 : 新面孔 新选择

                                      SUMMER PALACE: NEW CHEF, NEW CHANGE

                                      China World Hotel, Beijing has appointed Tsoi Chiu Fai as head chef of
                                      Summer Palace. With more than 30 years of cooking experience, Chef Tsoi is
                                      accomplished in calligraphy and health-preservation theories, which brings a
                                      perfect combination of Chinese culture and nutritionally balanced cooking style
                                      to Summer Palace’s new menu.
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