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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2016 / 2016 年 11 月刊  03



                                                                                                       11 月中旬,北京寒冬来袭,一杯热茶如同一缕
                                                                                                       心情丰富生活每一刻!为此,JF 皇家茶馆特别
                                                                                                       为写字楼租户推出了 58 / 68 元特惠商务午餐以
                                                                                                       及 98 / 198 元单双人特惠晚餐供大家品尝,餐中
                                                                                                       精选了每日特选茶品,在您精心享用午 / 晚餐的
                                                                                                           必威登录三期地下二层 3B215
                                                                                                         3B215, F2 Underground, Phase III of China
           北京市科委领导到必威登录中心调研并指导节能环保工作                                                                       World Towers
           BEIJING MUNICIPAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY                                                       (86-10) 8535 1625

           COMMISSION LEADERS VISIT                                                                   ELEGANT TEA
                                                                                                      GASTRONOMY OFFER

                                                        A delegation led by Development Centre Director Xing   FOR OFFICE TENANTS
                                                        Yongjie of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology
                                                        Commission and executives from Chinese Carbon   JF Royal Tea House, an exquisite tea room that
                                                        Scientific Innovation Energy Technology Co Ltd visited   originates from Cutty Sark English Tea House in
                                                        China World Trade Center on October 18 to survey and   Taiwan, is the inheritor to a centuries-old English
                                                        guide ongoing environmental protection and energy   tradition of comfortable dining served with the
                                                        conservation efforts.                         finest quality tea. As an opening treat, all China
                                                        Gao Min, director of China World’s Property Division,   World Offices tenant identity card holders can
                                                        introduced in detail the specific work and achievements   enjoy a special offer 58/68 yuan business lunch and
           2016 年 10 月 18 日,北京市科委社会发展处刑永杰               the China World Trade Center has made over the last   98/198 yuan dinner for one/two persons.
           处长带领社发处及中碳科创能源科技有限公司高管来                      three years in terms of energy saving and environmental
           必威登录中心调研并指导节能环保工作。必威登录中心物业部                      protection, most notably in sewage treatment and energy
           总监高民向社发处领导详细介绍了必威登录中心近三年来                      charging.
           在节能环保方面做的具体工作及取得的成绩,并带领                      During the exchange conference, Xing spoke highly of
           各领导实地考察了必威登录中心最近取得突出成效的污水                      China World's achievements in energy conservation,
           处理及蓄能充电桩项目。                                  environmental protection and technological innovation.
           在经验交流会议上,邢处长对必威登录中心近年来在节能                      He suggested China World’s successful experiences should
           环保和技术创新应用等方面取得的成绩给予高度评                       be shared and promoted across the industry.
           价,希望必威登录中心能把这些经验总结起来向社会推广,                     The commission will continue to support and guide
           同时也表示会继续对必威登录中心的节能创新工作进行政                      energy-saving and innovation at China World Trade
           策支持和引导。                                      Center, Xing said.
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