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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2016 / 2016 年 11 月刊  05

           HERM?S 童装来啦                                                        BERLUTI 节日精品亮相必威登录

           今年冬季最值得期待时尚产品之一的就是爱马仕的儿童系列:从带绒面绵羊皮开                                2016 年 11 月,为了迎接节日季节的到来,Berluti 特别推出全新 iPhone 配饰系列
           襟短上衣、手套,到便鞋,还有印花羊绒毯。您都可以在必威登录商城选购。柔软触                                以示庆祝。全新配饰列中的 iPhone 手机壳将潮流和实用性完美融合,由 Berluti 经
           感的面料搭配红色流苏,充满节日的喜悦感。                                               典的Tobacco Bis(烟草色)和饰有Scritto 刻字图样的Tobacco Bis Venezia皮革打造。
           与此同时,男士旅行袋及袖扣的设计也十分突破爱马仕传统风格,顽皮微笑的小                                另外,Berluti 携手 Krug 开启合作新篇章,推出两款仅配备 100 个编号的独家限量
           鲨鱼图案搭配爱马仕经典的 Swift 小牛皮增加了几分童真的律动感,同时又流露出                           版公文包:短途公文包及长途公文包。这款拥有双重用途的公文包,既可让香槟
           男性独有的如鲨鱼般锐利和无畏的阳刚之气。                                               爱好者放置 Krug 香槟及 Joseph 酒杯,亦可用作携带 Berluti 鞋履的旅行袋,独一
                区域 1 地下一层至一层 L108&SB108    L108&SB108 B1 to L1 ZONE1          无二的深樱桃色琢以深邃光泽,令公文包别致出众。
               (86-10) 6505 1580                                                  区域 1 一层 L129A    L108&SB108 B1 to L1 ZONE1
                                                                                  (86-10) 6505 1300
                                                                              BERLUTI UNVEILS HOLIDAY COLLECTIONS AT

                                                                              CHINA WORLD MALL

                                                                              To celebrate the Holiday season, Berluti unveils a collection of iPhone accessories designed in
                                                                              collaboration with leading technology accessories provider Native Union for the Berluti clients to
                                                                              complete their collection from the Maison. Seamlessly blending fashion and function, iPhone
                                                                              7 case will be available in Berluti classic Venezia leather in Tobacco Bis as well as Tobacco Bis
                                                                              Scritto. Moreover, Berluti and Krug are embarking on the next chapter of their collaboration
                                                                              by creating two exclusive, limited-edition bags with only 100 numbered examples available:
                                                                              Short Journey and Long Journey. The dual-
                                                                              purpose bags, which are Champagne carriers
                                                                              for transporting bottles of Krug and Joseph
           HERM?S UNVEILING KIDS’ COLLECTION                                  glasses, or travel bags for carrying Berluti shoes,
                                                                              also stand out by virtue of their exclusive dark
           Hermès Kids are worth looking into on this Christmas Day: from sheepskin short coat,   cherry patina, which lends them
           gloves to shoes and cashmere blanket with printed fabrics. You can choose these at China   a deep gloss.
           World Mall. Soft fabric and red tassels are filled with festivity and joy.
           Meanwhile, men’s weekend bag and cufflinks bring new inspirations, which break the
           traditional style of Hermès. The naughty shark matches well with classic Hermès Swift
           leather, expressing the shark-like shrewdness and fearlessness belongs to men.

           快来参加必威登录商城会员年度积分换礼 !                                                  积分档 ( 分 )  礼品

                                                                               POINTS    GIFTS
           11 月 30 日前,必威登录商城邀请金卡及钻石卡会员领取属于您的年度礼品。
                                                                               5,000     果汁券或电影券一张
           活动时间:2016 年 11 月 1 日 -11 月 30 日 10:00-21:00
                                                                                         A Juice Voucher/Movie Ticket
           活动地点:必威登录商城区域 3 地下一层会员中心
                                                                               10,000    50 元超市卡(每人限 5 张)或 保温杯或多米城堡单次体验卡
                                                                                         Supermarket Card of RMB50(5 cards at most for each person)/
                                                                                         Vacuum Flask/Voucher for Domi's Castle
                                                                               20,000    100 元超市卡(每人限 5 张)
                                                                                         Supermarket Card of RMB100( 5 cards at most for each person)
           COME, GET YOUR PRIZES BY YOUR POINTS                                50,000    250 元必威登录三家酒店通用代金券

                                                                                         Voucher of RMB250 (3 hotels in China World apply)
           China World Mall invites both Gold Card and Diamond Card members to redeem
                                                                               100,000   500 元必威登录三家酒店通用代金券
           annual prizes.
                                                                                         Voucher of RMB500(3 hotels in China World apply)
           Event’s Time: 10:00~21:00, 1 -30 Nov, 2016
                                                                               200,000   1000 元必威登录三家酒店通用代金券
           Events’ Address: Membership Center, B1, Zone 3
                                                                                         Voucher of RMB1000(3 hotels in China World apply)
           Hotline: 010-65357588; 59611818
                                                                               300,000   1800 元商城电子礼金券
           Event’s Rules: please present your ID card
                                                                                         China World Mall Digital Voucher of RMB1800
           and Membership card to get your gift. Points
                                                                               500,000   3000 元商城电子礼金券
           can’t be restored after deduction. Prizes are
                                                                                         China World Mall Digital Voucher of RMB3000
           limited, we will hand another same value
           prizes while stocks last, thanks for your                           1,000,000 2 万元商城电子礼金券
                                                                                         China World Mall Digital Voucher of RMB20000
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