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                                                                              ACT OF KINDNESS DELIGHTS RESIDENT

                                                                              A Century Towers maintenance worker returned a wallet, bringing warmth to the life of
                                                                              a worried resident and making everyone in the building feel that little bit safer and more
                                                                              comfortable. Wang Shengquan was walking along the ground floor corridor when he
                                                                              spotted the wallet lying on the ground. He immediately took it to reception where staff
                                                                              ascertained that it belonged to a resident. Upon receiving his lost cash, identity and
                                                                              credit cards, the owner thanked Wang profusely and wrote a note praising his honesty
                                                                              and integrity.How comfortable and happy he felt living in his apartment, the owner
                                                                              noted. Wang’s commendable behavior is actually quite a common occurrence among

           复活节家庭乐活日                                                           members of the hard-working Century Towers staff. Such ordinary behavior is also
                                                                              extraordinarily valuable for everyone involved, as Wang's kindness brought a brighter
           3 月 26 日带上你可爱的宝贝儿来三江咖啡厅度过一个快乐的复活节!主题性早午                            smile to everyone's face at Century Towers on that day.
                                                                              特价 580 元 / 日入住必威登录世纪公寓
           每位人民币 128,价格需加收 10% 服务费及在上述价格与服务费总额上计征的政
           府税及增值税。                                                            轻松与春天约“惠”
                (86-10) 65052277-35
           EASTER SUNDAY FEAST AND FUN!                                       又到一年春色烂漫时,正是踏青出游好时节。为答谢必威登录客户长期的信赖与支持,
           Gather your family for a fun-filled afternoon on 26 March at T-Bazaar! Kids can enjoy   的约“惠”。活动时间自 2017 年 4 月 1 日起至 2017 年 4 月 9 日止,客户只要在
           an Easter-themed brunch and get creative with freehand sketching and cooking   此期间选择入住必威登录世纪公寓两居室套房,即可享受人民币 580 元 / 日的特惠价格。
           class. RMB128 per child, price is in RMB and is subject to 10% service charge and any      (86-10) 6779 8030 / 6779 8035
           government taxes and prices together with the service charge.

                                                                              SPECIAL SPRING DISCOUNT

                                                                              To express gratitude for the long-term reliability and support of its clients, Century
                                                                              Towers is launching a special offer on two-bedroom suites this spring.
                                                                              Check into a two-bedroom suite for just 580 yuan a day during April 1-9.
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