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          China WorldMay 2017 2017   5月刊

             A monthly bulletin bringing you all the latest China World Trade Center news and information   每月带给您必威登录的最新讯息

                                                        NEW ZONE RENEWS MALL

                                                                             必威登录商城 新区绽放

                                                                             3 月 31 日必威登录商城开启北区全新区域,每日万计消费者慕名前来。
                                                                             在位于六层的百米露台饱览 CBD 景色空前震撼。新区地下一层与商城各区域无缝
                                                                             衔接。三层 COS、L.K. Bennett、SpaceCycle 等全新品牌入主,“三宅之褶”新店
                                                                             集合了 Pleats Please、BaoBao 以及 Homme Plisse。四至七层,汇聚缤纷美食:

                                                                             The new zone at China World Mall opened its doors to greet its first customers on
                                                                             Friday, March 31. The unprecedented views available on the 100-meter sixth floor
                                                                             terrace. The New Zone underground B1 floor links seamlessly with the rest of the
                                                                             The third floor features international brands like COS and LK Bennett as well as trendy
                                                                             fitness hub SpaceCycle. Pleats Please, BaoBao and Homme Plissé are the brainchild of
                                                                             designer Issey Miyake’s Reality Lab.
                                                                             Dazzling new delicacies are distributed throughout floors 4-7 including beef hotpot,
                                                                             spicy Sichuan cuisine and Singaporean Michelin restaurant Putien.
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