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           德事商务中心开设新中心落户必威登录大厦                                                              座



            德事商务中心(The Executive Centre)是亚太区顶级服务式办公室领导者,                     Founded in 1994, The Executive Centre is Asia Pacific’s leading premium serviced office
            成立于 1994 年,共有超过 90 个中心,覆盖 25 个亚太区主要城市,遍及中国、                      provider, with more than 90 centres across 25 major cities in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan,
            澳大利亚、印度、斯里兰卡、印度尼西亚、日本、韩国、新加坡、越南等国家                               Macao, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and China.
            及香港、澳门和台湾地区。                                                     Operating exclusively in the most prestigious central business district Grade-A office buildings,
            作为服务式办公室的行业领导者,德事商务中心提供顶级的服务式办公室、共                               The Executive Centre provides the highest quality on-demand serviced offices, coworking
            享办公空间、虚拟办公室、会议室设施、视频会议以及多样化的商务行政服务,                              virtual offices, meeting facilities, video conference and business concierge services. The
            选址均位于每个城市中心商务区最显赫的甲 A 级写字楼,满足跨国企业、中                              Executive Centre is dedicated to providing the most flexible and dynamic workplace solutions
            小型企业和新成立的公司在本地、区域和全球范围办公空间的需求。                                   to multinational corporations, small and local start-ups, both regionally and internationally.
            德事商务中心欣然宣布即将于中国北京最炙手可热的商务地段 —— 必威登录大厦                              The Executive Centre is pleased to announce the launch of its new centre at the most sought-
            B 座开设其新中心。新中心预计于 2017 年 5 月 1 日盛大开业,代表着德事商                       after business address in Beijing: China World Tower B. The new centre, expected to open on
            务中心于北京成立的第 8 个中心,并成为其快速扩充中国市场版图的又一里                              May 1, represents The Executive Centre’s eighth serviced office location in Beijing and marks
            程碑。                                                              yet another milestone in the company’s business expansion in China.
            传承德事商务中心在北京其他中心的风格,位于必威登录大厦 B 座 23 楼的中心提                           Inheriting The Executive Centre’s tradition of providing premium and professional corporate
            供了行业领先的服务式办公室空间和高端办公家具,坐拥绝佳的城市美景及自                               environments in Beijing, the new Tower B centre on level 23 offers premium serviced offices with
            然光源。配备齐全、规模不等的服务式办公室,包括了可容纳 1 至 80 人并依                           high-quality furnishings, spectacular city views and natural light. Offices come in various sizes and
            客户需求设置户型的大面积空间。此外,新中心凭借现代化设计、最先进的                                accommodate up to 80 people. Leading the serviced office market in Beijing, the new centre
            IT 技术、顶尖的会议设施及精通双语的客户服务团队所提供的无可比拟的商                              features contemporary design, fully-equipped IT infrastructure, state-of-the-art meeting facilities
            务服务,引领了北京服务式办公室市场。                                               and unparalleled business services supported by a professional bilingual client service team.

                                                必威登录股份公司荣获“                      2016    年      CHINA WORLD HONORED FOR
                                                度能效领跑者”称号                                     PRESTIGIOUS GREEN AWARD

                                                为提升全市重点行业能源利用效率, 2016 年 9 月北                  China World Trade Center has been shortlisted for a top energy
                                                京市发展改革委、市财政局发布了《关于开展 2016                     efficiency award by Beijing government. The capital city's
                                                年能效领跑者试点的通知》(京发改〔2016〕1589 号),                finance bureau and development and reform commission last
                                                在本市重点领域开展了能效领跑者试点工作。历经公                       year invited applications for the honor of Energy Efficiency
                                                开征集、单位申报、评审和公示等环节,近日,市发                       Pacesetter award. After due consideration of all the nominated
                                                改委公布了 2016 年度能效领跑者单位名单,必威登录股                    companies, judges chose China World as proven environmental
                                                份公司荣膺商务建筑行业“能效领跑者”称号。                         leaders in their industry.
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