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CHINA WORLD SUPPLEMENT 特刊   JUNE 2017 / 2017 年 6 月刊 03

                               优享六月礼遇 JUNE PROMOTIONS

           ALEXANDRE ZOUARI                                                   BONPOINT BONUS

           IN THE PINK                                                        BONPOINT2017 春夏系列带来明媚复古的“学院风”,值此节日,特为会员家庭

           粉彩色卡娃伊发饰超可爱!即日起至 6
           月 30 日,客人凡选购 2 件正价产品,                                              The Bonpoint 2017 spring and summer collection is a bright and cheerful school style.
           当中零售价较低一件可享 7 折优惠。                                                 The store offers 30 percent off membership on two days: June 1 and 3.

           How adorable are pink hair bands? From                                 NB135 中区 地下一层 B1, Central Zone        8535 1078
           now to June 30, customers who buy two
           items can enjoy a 30% discount on the
           cheaper of the two.

                WB-3 南区 地下一层 B1, South Zone
                6505 7635

                                                                              MIKI HOUSE MARK-DOWNS

                                                                              MIKI HOUSE 让宝贝们轻松拗
                                                                              出可爱的造型。即日起至 6 月
                                                                              1 日,更为大家带来 9 折礼遇。
                                                                              购满 5888 元可获收纳袋!

                                                                              Enjoy a 10 percent discount at
           GUSELLA GIVEAWAY                                                   Miki House where toddlers look

                                                                              tickety-boo. Spend 5,888 yuan
           本季 GUSELLA 延续优雅的绅士淑女风格,即日起至 6 月 4 日,为顾客带来 7.5 折                    and receive a free special storage
           礼遇。                                                                bag.
           Upholding the elegance of summer, Gusella is offering 25 percent off everything until      NB137 中区 地下一层 B1,
           June 4.                                                                  Central Zone
                                                                                  6505 9652
                 NB133 中区 地下一层 B1, Central Zone       8535 1639


           家长就餐满 200 元,可为小朋友提供免费儿童套餐。儿童套餐包括主

           Kids get a free meal at Brotzeit when their parents spend up to 200 yuan.
           The children's menu comes with a main course, side dish, soft drink and
           a scoop of ice cream.
                NL7006 北区 七层 L7, North Zone       6505 6068
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