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                                                                                           MANILA GRACE

                                                                                           ——Manila Grace 品牌设计师

                                                                                           “A fabric must tell a story," says Manila Grace designer Alessia
                                                                                           Santi. "I want texture and softness. My clothing doesn’t set out to
                                                                                           provoke deference. If anything, it wants to make friends. I see, I
                                                                                           touch, I buy and I make it part of my every day."

           来自意大利的 Manila Grace 作为 Antress Industry Spa 旗下主线品牌一直是世界各地时尚人士的
           追捧和关注对象。Manila Grace 讲究细节和格调,设计感十足,强调设计与色彩的完美搭配,带
           它难以忘怀。因而 Manila Grace 是时尚界中一个独特、年轻、充满动感的潮流品牌,是让时尚女
           里,你都能找到属于自己独特的 Style !优雅的线条与圆点的融合, 不规则剪裁与精致印花的搭
           配, 都是 Manila Grace 要传递给您的风格。Manila Grace 等待着成为您生活中的伙伴,优雅时

                NL3036 北区 3 层 L3, North Zone        65843857
           Italian fashion brand Manila Grace promotes clothing that does not overpower the wearer but brings
           their personality into focus, delivering comfort and effortless elegance.
           In her Manila Grace collections, Santi affirms a sense of style charged by contaminations and
           interactions, breathing life into enlivening creations. As down to earth as the colors she chooses for
           her frequently deconstructed shapes, the designer revels in dyeing and re-dyeing fabrics, braiding them
           together, knotting and mixing them.
           Manila Grace offers a unique, eternal style outside the trends of the day for the free-spirited,
           sophisticated woman. Manila Grace empowers women to feel comfortable playing with contrasts,
           printed patterns and mixing styles.
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