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CHINA WORLD SUPPLEMENT 特刊   JUNE 2017 / 2017 年 6 月刊  06


                                                                              ATTA BJ FINE FOOD ART

                                                                              工业设计痕迹极重的 attabj 空间里,大厨方晗还在“挑剔”地整理餐盘里芦笋
                                                                              的形状。主打意大利菜系的 attabj,主厨方晗始终关注并顺应饮食潮流的变迁,

                                                                              脂肪搭建 attabj 的饮食体系。“我们将意餐做了许多本地化尝试,譬如加入城


                                                                                   NL3015 北区 三层 L3, North Zone       8595 8767

                                                                              Within the industrial chic confines of Atta BJ, head chef Fang Han is busy perfecting
                                                                              the plating on an asparagus dish. As head chef of Italian-inspired restaurant, Fang
                                                                              always tries to stay on top of the latest trends in the food industry and create a
                                                                              cutting-edge dining experience.
                                                                              “We are always learning," Fang says. "I see cooking as a type of art. In addition to the
                                                                              flavor and nutritional value of a dish, we always have to keep in mind factors such as
                                                                              aesthetics, color and even architectural design concepts.”
                                                                              Every year Fang keeps a close eye on the seasonal menus and dishes released by the
                                                                              world’s top restaurants and incorporates these trends into his own menus.
                                                                              To meet the growing demand among diners for healthy food, Fang has created dishes
                                                                              with fewer carbohydrates, higher-quality fats and proteins.
                                                                              “We have attempted to adapt Italian cuisine to local tastes, adding local ingredients
                                                                              and creating lighter dishes that don’t neglect flavor in order to attract Beijing’s
                                                                              discerning, health-conscious diners," he says.
                                                                              Summer is a time of vitality. Steamed cod with creamed yam encapsulates the essence
                                                                              of the season, combining the delicate flesh of the cod with the nutritionally dense and
                                                                              intriguingly textured yam, and just a hint of cream, for a satisfying yet light dish.
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