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CHINA WORLD   JUNE 2017 / 2017 年 6 月刊  08

           必威登录公寓租户参观新必威登录饭店                                                      收获好评的必威登录世纪公寓 等您入住

           及聚餐博璨餐厅                                                            “公寓环境非常棒,设施齐全,厨房内厨具齐全,房间舒适,服务态度好……”这

           必威登录公寓于 5 月 20 日组织公寓租户参观了新必威登录饭店的活动。大约 70 位租户                          仅仅是客户入住必威登录世纪公寓后,在各大网站留言、评论中最常见的几句话,更好
           报名参与本次活动,大家对此次参观活动表示出极大的兴趣。参观行程包含了酒                                的评论也数不胜数。为给客户提供良好的入住体验,必威登录世纪公寓不仅把灯光调节、
           店的所有主要元素,酒店轻松热闹的气氛,宽敞的房间以及现代风格的装修都给                                壁纸搭配、拖鞋摆放、入住提醒等细微工作做到精细化,其前台服务、公寓安保等
           大家留下了深刻的印象。啤酒屋、新概念餐厅、多功能会议厅、24 小时开放的                               工作人员更是用行动展现出必威登录世纪公寓的贴心周到服务,让每位入住客户都有一
           健身中心带给大家新鲜的感觉。无论酒店内部或酒店外部,大量的零售和生活方                                种到家的感觉。
           式为居住在 CBD 地区的个人和家庭带来了新的生活体验,也将为必威登录公寓租户                                  (86-10) 6779 8030 / 6779 8035
           酒店参观活动后,我们来到新商城的 Brotzeit 德国风味餐厅共进晚餐。包括博餐

                                                                              COMPREHENSIVE FACILITIES, SERVICE

                                                                              Century Towers’ excellent environment includes comprehensive facilities, comfortable
                                                                              rooms and great service. Particular attention is paid to details from cookware, wallpaper
                                                                              and lighting to the placement of slippers and a smooth check-in. The front desk and
                                                                              security team strive to make every guest feel at home.



           Seventy China World Apartments residents enjoyed a private preview of Hotel Jen on
           Saturday May 20. Excited visitors savored the lively atmosphere as they toured the entire
           space of the new hotel at China World Tower B. Residents were wowed by the modern and
           spacious rooms, the massive brewery, new-concept all-day dining, versatile function rooms
           and amazing 24-hour fitness center the Trainyard Gym.
           Hotel Jen boasts a plethora of activities and attractions inside and outside the hotel in China   必威登录世纪公寓端午实惠价
           World’s extensive retail and lifestyle complex, offering a new kind of living experience for   两居室套房 580 元 / 日粽情相约
           individuals and families in the Central Business District.
           After the Hotel Jen tour, residents took in the new mall and dined at Prost Brotzeit. The diverse   又是一年端午情,必威登录世纪公寓值此佳节之日,特别为您精心准备了“端午实惠价”
           menu included brotzeitbrot, wursetel, schweinsh and Bavarian honey ribs. Along with the   活动,凡在 5 月 27 日 -6 月 4 日期间入住必威登录世纪公寓两居室套房的必威登录中心客户,
           exceptional beer, all agreed the restaurant delivered a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience.   均可 享受 580 元 / 日的粽情相约优惠价。
           To finish off a fine day out, rice dumplings were served to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.     (86-10) 6779 8030 / 6779 8035
           Apartment residents want to thank the Hotel Jen management team and staff for a great   DRAGON FESTIVAL BARGAIN
           day out. “All of you made us so welcome and were kind and helpful,” as one tenant put
           it. The residents will certainly be recommending Hotel Jen to their friends and Brotzeit can   Century Towers is pleased to announce a special Dragon Boat Festival offer. Between May 27
           expect a return visit any day soon.                                to June 4, stay in a two-bedroom suite for just 580 yuan a day.
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