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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2017 / 2017 年 8 月刊  15


                                                         LEAVE BORING DINING

                                                         EXPERIENCES BEHIND

           每周一鲜啤吧的龙虾买一赠一活动,让喜爱吃龙虾的你大快朵颐。法式 波士顿龙
           虾配柑橘沙拉,每份人民币 178 元。


           每周二鲜啤吧驻店酿酒师 Tom 挑选一款他精心酿造的手工啤酒,并送上全天欢乐
           时光买一赠一。不要犹豫了,来鲜啤吧跟 Tom 打个招呼吧!

                                                                              LOBSTER MONDAY
           鲜啤吧午餐精选加入更多新口味,价格依旧人民币 88 元,除了备受欢迎的西式酒
           吧美食,你还可以选择健康美味十足的能量碗,以及全日早餐餐品水波蛋套餐。                                With our Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal all day every Monday, there is no reason not to indulge in your
           一道喜爱的主食,一份当日汤品或蔬菜沙拉,一杯饮品 – 精酿啤酒,咖啡,茶或                              favourite seafood at Beersmith Gastropub. Savour Whole Boston Lobster Gratin, topped with
           软饮,随你心情所选,午餐也可以变得有意思。                                              addictive melted cheese, with a side of citrus salad. Each portion is priced at RMB178 net.

                                                                              THIRSTY TUESDAY – “BREWMASTER’S PICK OF THE WEEK”

                                                                              Every Tuesday throughout the day and night, Brewmaster Tom Ashton puts his favourite craft
                                                                              beer on tap for an irresistible deal of Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Say “hi” if you see him at the bar!

                                                                              NEW LUNCH FLAVOURS @ BEERSMITH GASTROPUB
                                                                              More dishes with different flavours are now presented for Beersmith’s lunch set selections.
                                                                              For RMB88 net, you can take your pick from wholesome and nutritious wild rice bowls,
                                                                              and hearty “all-day breakfast” dishes with poached eggs too, in addition to the popular
                                                                              Western pub cuisine. Tuck into a main course, paired with a “soup of the day” or green
                                                                              salad, and one glass of beverage – choose between a beer, coffee, tea, or a soft drink. Let’s
                                                                              ditch the boring lunch bentos.
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