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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2017 / 2017 年 8 月刊  04

                                                                              PUMA SELECT: 彪发新潮

                                                                              迷恋新潮,追逐时尚,作为全国最新形象的北京必威登录 PUMA SELECT 店在北区
                                                                              地下一层 NB1022 盛大绽放。店铺涵盖贵族风范的 FENTY X PUMA  系列,柔
                                                                              情少女情怀的 PUMA X CAREAUX 系列 , 优雅与力量的对抗 PUMA X STAMPD
                                                                              trinomic 休闲鞋,90 年代复古风潮的 B.O.G
                                                                              鞋款,以及向 70 年代复古街头文化致
                                                                              敬 的 SUPER PUMA 系 列。 风 靡 全 球 的
                                                                              FENTY PUMA by Rihanna 毛 拖 鞋, 今
                                                                              度 回 归, 在 国 贸 商 城 PUMA SELECT
                                                                                  NB1022 北区地下一层 B1 North Zone
                                                                                  8595 2169

           耐克 : 打造全新运动产品体验

           北京必威登录体验店现已荣耀亮相,店铺共三层 1400 平方米,是北京面积最大、
           品类最全的店铺。耐克更于新必威登录饭店的炼·工厂为消费者开设 Nike+ Run
           Club 室内跑步课和 Nike+ Training Club 训练课。
                NB1021 北区地下一层至二层 B1-L2 North Zone          6504 3221

           Nike has opened a 1,400-square-meter, three-floor beacon store at China World Mall.
           Occupying Levels B1,1 and 2, Nike's largest shop in Beijing offers the most
           comprehensive range of products to meet the extreme demands of serious sports
           Nike has also launched indoor running classes and training classes at the Train Yard in
           Hotel Jen Beijing.

                                                                              PUMA SELECT RELEASES TRENDS

                                                                              Fuses performance with trendy and fashion, the new concept PUMA Select Store have
                                                                              been opened in the brand new North Zone of China World Mall. Store offers: Costly
                                                                              and with noble style FENTY X PUMA, pure and lovely girl style CAREAUX X PUMA,
                                                                              elegance combine with power the PUMA X STAMPD Trinomic casual footwear.
                                                                              PUMA Vintage style comes back, such as B.O.G shoe series in 90s, and the street style
                                                                              Archived Super PUMA Series in 70s are showcasing at the store. Prevail around the
                                                                              world, the FENTY PUMA by Rihanna slippers in this summer provide 3 fresh color ways
                                                                              to our customers and release limitedly in Beijing PUMA SELECT.
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