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          China WorldSep 2017 2017   9月刊

             A monthly bulletin bringing you all the latest China World Trade Center news and information   每月带给您必威登录的最新讯息

                                                                必威登录三期 阶段盛大开幕


                                                                CWTC PHASE 3B BRINGS A DASH OF

                                                                GLAMOUR TO CBD OF BEIJING

           必威登录有限公司董事长 高燕 女士      必威登录股份有限公司董事长         壳牌中国集团主席 张新胜 先生          羲和国际餐饮机构董事长 张钧 先生          著名主持人 春妮 女士
           China World Trade Center Ltd Chairwoman Gao Yan  洪敬南 先生  Executive Chairman, Shell Companies in China   Xihe International Catering Institution Chairman   Anchor Chun Ni
                                      China World Trade Center Co. Ltd Chairman   Zhang Xinsheng  Zhang Jun
                                      Ang Keng Lam
           2017 年 8 月 9 日,“必威登录中心,心中必威登录”必威登录三期 B 阶段开业庆                      More than 200 esteemed guests attended the China World Trade Center Phase 3B Opening
           典在新建成的必威登录大厦 B 座大堂举行。北京商业界 200 余位嘉宾共同见证了这一                          Celebration at China World Tower B on August 9, 2017.
           重要时刻。                                                             China World Trade Center Ltd Chairwoman Gao Yan and China World Trade Center Co. Ltd
           必威登录有限公司董事长高燕女士、股份有限公司董事长洪敬南先生、                               Chairman Ang Keng Lam delivered the key note addresses, as did representatives of tenants from
           必威登录写字楼和商城租户代表致辞,从不同角度回顾了必威登录中心三十年来与时俱进                               China World Offices and China World Mall. They reviewed China World’s glorious history over the
           的历程,并展望了美好的未来。                                                    last three decades and shared plans from their differing perspectives for an even brighter future.
           庆典上首次发布了《必威登录中心·心中必威登录》、《必威登录商城·享你所想》和《新国                               Debuting at the ceremony were three official videos promoting China World Trade Center, China
           贸饭店·妙想新体验》三支宣传视频,生动地传递了必威登录中心健康向上、活力创                               World Mall and Hotel Jen Beijing. The short films successfully conveyed China World’s spirit of
           新的积极态度,服务企业、服务社会的品牌精神,业态齐全、互补共荣的生态环境。 vitality, innovation, inclusivity, corporate social responsibility and eco-friendly service. China World
           必威登录大厦 B 座全新的写字楼、新必威登录饭店,以及必威登录商城北区东段带来全新理念,                            Offices, Hotel Jen Beijing and China World Mall are all seeking to provide even more enthralling
           业态更加丰富,为访客、顾客和租户提供更美好的体验。必威登录三期 B 阶段开业进                             experiences for visitors, guests, residents and tenants. This new phase further enhances China
           一步巩固了必威登录中心在北京商务中心区的核心地位,使必威登录中心真正成为人们居                               World’s status as the hub of the Central Business District and extends a proud tradition of
           住、工作和享受的不夜之城。                                                     providing exceptional round-the-clock services and facilities for people to live, work and play.
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