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CHINA WORLD   SEPTEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 9 月刊  15



           丁酉中秋,北京中国大饭店将隆重敬献 20 款、50 余
           典粤式甜品的浓滑滋味——“流心奶黄”月饼礼盒传                       1                                          2
           至 8 月 20 日之前提前预定,可享七折的优惠折扣(特
                (86-10) 6505 3285

           1. 八邦荟萃 Moonlight Feast   2. 流心奶黄 Lava Custard
           3. 思月 Fond Memory      4. 福月 Autumn Elegance
                                                         3                                          4
           5. 秦月 Jade Moon
                                                                              IN APPRICATION…

                                                                              To celebrate this festive and meaningful occasion, China World Hotel will be launching 20
                                                                              different designs of mooncake gift boxes, each a unique packaging for our more than 50
                                                                              flavours of mooncakes.
                                                                              Shangri-La "Xiang Chuan" series of mooncake gift boxes has returned to the classics
                                                                              this year. In addition to the traditional flavours of red/white lotus with egg yolks, mixed
                                                                              nuts, red bean etc., China World Hotel brings back a nostalgic taste—the "Lava Custard"
                                                                              mooncake gift box this year.
                                                                              All the mooncake gift boxes and hampers of China World Hotel will be on sale from July
                                                                              25th to October 4th. A discount of 30 % is available from now until August 20th. Certain
                                                                              special selections and ceremonial baskets are excluded from this discount offer.
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