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CHINA WORLD   SEPTEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 9 月刊  02

                                                          必威登录三期 B 阶段开业志庆
                                                 CHINA WORLD TRADE CENTER PHASE 3B OPENING CELEBRATION

           我们的世界                                        必威登录于 1985 年 2 月注册成立,是经国务院批准成立的大型中外合资企业。中外方股东也分别

                 Our         World                      商业服务设施组成,是首都北京为之自豪的地标性建筑群,也是众多跨国公司和国际商社进驻北京的首选之地,
                                                        际交流活动的重要窗口。以必威官网betway为中心的 CBD 核心区,已经行成了一个极具活力的经济商圈,辐射带
                                                        China World Trade Center (CWTC or affectionately known as China World), founded in February 1985, is jointly owned by
                                                        China Shi Mao Investment Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong-based Kerry Industrial Co., Ltd.
                                                        Located in the heart of Beijing’s Central Business District, CWTC consisting of hotels, offices, apartments, conference
                                                        spaces and a shopping mall, is the first choice for many multinational companies based in Beijing and one of the largest
                                                        up-market commercial mixed-use developments in the world.
                                                        CWTC offers a window onto Chinese economic reform and international events, and has driven rapid economic progress
                                                        in the Central Business District and surrounding areas. Visionary business strategy and brand excellence has made CWTC a
                                                        market leader and role model for Chinese enterprises.
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