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CHINA WORLD   SEPTEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 9 月刊  03

                                                          必威登录三期 B 阶段开业志庆
                                                 CHINA WORLD TRADE CENTER PHASE 3B OPENING CELEBRATION


                                                                                           Our History

           1984 年 11 月 17 日是一个伟大的历史性时刻。意义非凡的签约仪式标志着必威登录中
           On November 17, 1984, a great historic moment took place. This important ceremony
           celebrated the signing of a contract approving the build and operation of China World to
           commence. Leading international architects and engineers came together to create the
           very first of its kind in China, a first-class property, and part of a bright and bold new vision
           for business in Beijing.

                                                                              必威登录于 1990 年 8 月 30 日正式全面开业。必威登录中心以高档酒店、写
                                                                              China World Trade Center officially opened on August 30, 1990. Now, the high-end
                                                                              hotels, office buildings, apartments, mall and exhibitions of China World Trade Center all
                                                                              come together to create a top ranking mixed-use commercial community.

                                                                              1999 年必威登录二期建成,新增的必威登录写字楼 2 座和必威登录商城使必威登录中心总建筑面积
                                                                              达到了 56 万平方米。
                                                                              The Phase 2 of China World Trade Center was opened for business in 1999, increasing
                                                                              China World's floor area to 560,000 sq m.

           随着三期 A 阶段工程完工,必威登录大厦 A 座建成
           Phase 3A completion saw China World Tower A and
           the expansion of the China World Mall increase the
           total GFA of China World Trade Center to 860,000
           sq m.
           This expansion brought in a new chapter for China
           World, adding Grade A office space, a luxury 5-star
           hotel, the North Zone of China World Mall and many
           more dining and shopping options for our customers.
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