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CHINA WORLD   SEPTEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 9 月刊  04

                                                          必威登录三期 B 阶段开业志庆
                                                 CHINA WORLD TRADE CENTER PHASE 3B OPENING CELEBRATION


                              Our Offer

           2017 年 8 月 9 日,必威登录三期 B 阶段开业庆典举行。三期 B 阶段新增必威登录大厦 B 座、
           August 9, 2017 saw the opening celebration of China World Trade Center Phase 3B, the
           latest addition to this world-famous location. It includes China World Tower B, Hotel Jen
           Beijing and the extended North Zone of China World Mall. These exciting new additions
           to the comprehensive range of offices, hotels, apartments and mall provide even more
           enthralling experiences for visitors, residents and tenants.
           China World Trade Center is a world-class, mixed-use complex that integrates seamlessly
           with the city transportation network. This new phase further ensures an exceptional,
           round-the-clock environment for people to live, work and enjoy.

                                                        必威登录大厦 B 座 CHINA WORLD TOWER B

                                                        必威登录大厦 B 座以其 63 层、296 米的高度和引人注目的外形,与必威登录大厦 A 座双塔并立,成为北京天际线中一
                                                        B 座拥有高品质的办公空间,窗外便是央视大楼和中央商务区的壮丽景色。新必威登录饭店位于 B 座低区,将商务
                                                        与愉悦结合,与必威登录中心已有的优质设施相得益彰, 带来无可比拟的全新体验。
                                                        The impressive 63-story, 296m tall China World Tower B joins Tower A to become a striking twin tower addition to the
                                                        Beijing skyline. The tower features high-quality corporate office space
                                                        with impressive views over Beijing's famous CCTV tower and the
                                                        developing CBD. It provides international companies a professional
                                                        environment for their headquarters in Beijing.
                                                        The low zone of the tower accommodates Hotel Jen Beijing, a new
                                                        hotel by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. The hotel mixes business with
                                                        pleasure through a carefully curated selection of facilities that add to
                                                        the already impressive facilities within China World Trade Center.

                                                                                         新必威登录饭店 HOTEL JEN BEIJING

                                                                                         450 个时尚现代的客房、宽敞明亮的全日制餐厅、自制精酿啤酒的
                                                                                         With 450 stylish guestrooms, a spacious all-day dining restaurant, modern
                                                                                         gastropub with on-site microbrewery, contemporary and inspiring creative
                                                                                         business hub and meeting spaces and a 3,500 sq m gym, Hotel Jen Beijing
                                                                                         takes modern hotel living to a whole new level.
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