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CHINA WORLD   SEPTEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 9 月刊  05

                                                          必威登录三期 B 阶段开业志庆
                                                 CHINA WORLD TRADE CENTER PHASE 3B OPENING CELEBRATION

           必威登录商城 CHINA WORLD MALL

           自 1990 年开业以来,必威登录商城一直是北京时尚地标和中
           国高端购物中心代表之一。随着必威登录一期、二期、三期 A、
           B 阶段的建设,必威登录商城建筑面积已达 23 万平方米,其
           中已开业面积 16 万平方米,目前经营面积 7.5 万平方米。
           当前,350 多家店铺涵盖国际精品、服装服饰、休闲娱乐、
           特别是必威登录三期 B 阶段完成后,必威登录商城新增楼体拥有了
           面向东三环和建国门外大街长达 500 米的展面,再次诠释
           Since 1990 China World Mall has been known as a landmark
           fashion destination in Beijing. With the completion of Phases
           1, 2, 3A and 3B the GFA has now reached 230,000 sq m, of
           which 160,000 sq m are in operations, offering a lettable area
           of 75,000 sq m. Following the opening of Phase 3B, the newly
           extended 500 meters frontage faces the East 3rd Ring Road and
           Jianguomenwai Avenue. A comprehensive tenant mix of over
           350 boutiques now includes international luxury brands, Fashion
           and accessories, leisure, entertainment, food and beverage,
           sports and family & kids amenities. China World Mall is set to
           redefine the shopping and dining scene in China’s capital city.


                                                                                               Our Future


                                                                                    China World will continue to adhere to a well-defined set of core values and
                                                                                    strive to lead in China and inspire the world. China World will seek to instill
                                                                                    excellence through world-class facilities and talented employees, delivering
                                                                                    the highest-quality service to domestic and international guests, consistently
                                                                                    securing, maintaining and promoting brand leadership. At China World, ongoing
                                                                                    commitment to excellence fuels an intense focus on continuous improvement,
                                                                                    best practice and sustainable development.
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