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CHINA WORLD   SEPTEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 9 月刊  06

                                                                              GUOMAO TOMATO FESTIVAL: IN CELEBRATION

                                                                              OF THE VERSATILE TOMATO

                                                                              How many dishes that use tomatoes can you name? The humble tomato appears in main
                                                                              courses, side dishes, soups, sauces… the list goes on. One day the tomato might appear in
                                                                              a rustic Spanish-style gazpacho and the next in a comforting Chinese dish of braised beef
                                                                              From 18 August, China World Mall launched a two-week Tomato Festival. More than 30
                                                                              restaurants are taking part in the event, each preparing a signature tomato dish. Customers
           番茄走天下 - 百变番茄大派对                                                    that ordered these dishes at any of the
                                                                              participating restaurants receive a stamp
                                                                              in their “passport”, which could then be
           做成调味酱料,今天它是番茄冷汤、番茄牛腩,明天也许就是番茄沙拉、番茄                                 exchanged for rewards after the event
                                                                              has concluded — the more stamps you
           从 8 月 18 日开始,必威登录商城开展为期两周的“番茄走天下”活动。参加本次活                            get, the bigger your rewards! Huge
           动的 30 多家餐厅分别准备一道招牌特色番茄美味,活动期间顾客只要前往参与                              numbers of people are taking part in the
                                                                              event, celebrating the seemingly humble
           集齐印章的数量兑换超值礼品。番茄活动一经推出便受到了无数人的喜爱,顾                                 yet ever so versatile tomato.

           2017 年必威登录迷你马拉松比赛圆满落幕                                                MINI MARATHON RUNNERS TO TOUR ICONIC

           由必威登录中心主办,必威登录商城、中国大饭店、新必威登录饭店、必威登录大酒店承办的首届国                               ARCHITECTURE
           贸迷你马拉松赛于 8 月 18 日在必威登录商城室外球场隆重举行。本次比赛得到了来自
                                                                              More than 160 runners including China World staff, tenants and members participated in
           Suunto、Falke、Ole、SpaceCycle、Nike、UHUT 等商城品牌的大力支持,提供了
                                                                              the first China World Mini Marathon in the Mall outdoor playground at 7 am on August 18.
                                                                              Hosted and organized by China World Mall, China World Hotel, Hotel Jen Beijing and China
           城会员等 160 余名选手参与。为保证参赛选手以最佳状态参赛,赛事主办方特邀运
                                                                              World Summit Wing, the race was supported by Suunto, Falke, Ole, SpaceCycle, Nike and
           动品牌 Spacecyle 与 Nike 的专业教练进行赛前热身与赛后拉伸的专项指导,并贴
                                                                              UHUT who supplied a host of exciting awards and services.
                                                                              Both before and after the race, SpaceCycle and Nike offered runners professional warm-
           本次迷你跑路线途经必威登录写字楼 A 座、B 座、必威登录商城、中国大饭店、新必威登录饭店、
                                                                              up and stretching exercises.
                                                                              To experience the scenery, structures and culture of China World, the race route was
                                                                              mapped out to pass through landmark structures including China World Offices Towers
                                                                              A and B, the Mall, China World Hotel, Hotel Jen Beijing and China World Summit Wing.
           作为 2017 北京马拉松赞助商,必威登录中心正在用实际行动推广马拉松运动,践行拼
                                                                              Refreshment stops, medical support and emergency services were all prepared on hand for
                                                                              the athletes.
                                                                              As sponsor of the 2017 Beijing Marathon, China World is committed to promoting the marathon's
                必威登录商城北区室外球场 Football field, China World Mall North Zone.
                                                                              spirit of striving for progress, promoting nationwide sports and developing public welfare.
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