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CHINA WORLD   SEPTEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 9 月刊  08

                                                                                                        2017 GODIVA 歌帝梵中秋

                                                                                                        利时皇室御用巧克力品牌 GODIVA 歌帝梵推
                                                                                                        出 2017 中秋限量系列,精心打造满载祝福的
                                                                                                        2017 GODIVA 歌帝梵中秋巧克力月饼形蛋糕

           福楼:今天约你吃番茄                                     FLO: A DATE WITH TOMATO                       众不同的味蕾满足感与赏心悦目的美好体验。
           福楼咖啡与福楼毕斯罗为必威登录商城推出限时特供番茄菜                       Café Flo and Flo Bistronome launched pop up tomato   玉立的荷花图案,将花好月圆的真挚祝福与
           单(8 月 18 日至 31 日)。                             menu from 18 August, which will last until 31 August.  GODIVA 歌帝梵的馥郁滋味一同呈现。
           位于南区地下一层的福楼咖啡为客人带来巴黎街头风情                       Café Flo located at B1, South Zone, which is dedicated      SB123A 南区地下一层 , B1, South zone
           的感受,其番茄菜单中的番茄奶酪沙拉、番茄甜菜汤、                       to bring an original Paris ambience to guests. Starter of     6505 7798
           三文鱼酿番茄成为番茄爱好者的大爱。                              tomato salad as well as the main course of Norwegian
           位于北区七层的福楼毕斯罗主打法国妈妈的家常菜,其                       salmon with Provencal tomato farci becomes guests’
           菜单中的慢烩番茄牛肉卷边面(佐帕玛森奶酪),维克                       favorite choice.
           多茄汁酿猪蹄(佐白芸豆),成为来毕斯罗就餐食客的                       Advantageously located at L7, North Zone, Flo Bistronome
           必点菜。                                           is all about reflecting an authentic French home dining
           F Bistronome 福楼毕斯罗                             experience. Main courses like tagliatelle with Bolognese
                NL7005 北区七层 , L7, North zone         8595 9597  beef ragu, Parmesan and tomato, pork feet crepinette
           Café FLO 福楼咖啡                                  with tomato cassoulet are your must-have dishes.
                SB124A 南区地下一层 , B1,South zone        6505 9886



           2017 年 9 月 18 日 - 30 日,“绣花张”携手必威登录商城,举办
           为期 12 天的《锦绣·华章》展览,旨在弘扬传统文化情怀,
           座,“绣花张”还将邀请资深教授孙宏琦、茶香雅道专家以及                                                                  2017 GODIVA MID
           多位老手艺人,共同为您呈现传统文化的华美篇章。                                                                      AUTUMN COLLECTION
                NB140 中区地下一层 , B1, Central zone         6505 6201                                       LIMITED EDITION

                                           JINXIU HUAZHANG EXHIBITION OF THE                            The 2017 GODIVA Mid Autumn Chocolate Pastry

                                           ANCIENT CULTURE HERITAGE                                     Mooncakes aims to impress, featuring umami
                                                                                                        flavours that are not only delicious but will be
                                           18 - 30, September 2017, “Zhang’s Embroideries” cooperates with China World Mall   forever embedded in your hearts. The mooncakes
                                           to make preparation for JINXIU HUAZHANG for twelve days.     are radiantly presented, starring delicate illustrations
                                           Exhibitions for three different subjectives based on the traditional culture of   of the lotus flower, representing the divine beauty of
                                           embroideries from Ming and Qing Dynasty will be held, which are ‘the treasure   the season, bringing
                                           of porcelain of Ming and Qing’, ‘the rare jewels and precious stones from the   the most heartfelt
                                           palace’ and ‘modern Chinese aesthetics”. “Zhang’s Embroideries” is famous for the   blessings to you
                                           collection of ancient embroideries. Hundreds of treasures from the age of Ming and   this Mid Autumn
                                           Qing to the modern society form an intact picture to present Chinese traditional   Festival.
                                           culture from different dimensions. “Zhang’s Embroideries” will invite senior professor
                                           Sun Hongqi, the expert of tea ceremony and other old artists to hold three speeches
                                           on the three themes to present the luxuriant and long-standing Chinese traditional
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