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           中国有老手:娘惹厨房创始人忆廿五年                                                  OLD CHINA HAND: NYONYA KITCHEN

           北京餐饮风云                                                             FOUNDERS TALK SURVIVING BEIJING’S
                                                                              TUMULTUOUS F&B SCENE FOR 25 YEARS
                                                                              Running a restaurant seems like no small feat in Beijing these days, yet Lee Ping Ping and
                                                                              Kim Loh have done just that, and more. Today the couple – who hail from Kuala Lumpur
           “最大的变化就是中国人的消费力”,罗先生回想起九十年代早期,他们的 20
                                                                              and opened a new branch of their Malaysian-style Nyonya Kitchen in the China World
                                                                              Mall – look back in near awe at all the tumult they’ve witnessed after 25 years in Beijing’s
                                                                              restaurant scene.
           2002 年起中国的开放程度越来越高,他们的店相形之下显得过时了。他们把在
                                                                              “The biggest change of all is the purchasing power of the local Chinese,” says Kim, who
                                                                              watched throngs of curious Beijing natives line up to buy takeaway roast chicken from
           娘惹厨房后来开在了必威登录商城,点燃了 CBD 白领们对东南亚美食的热情,取得
                                                                              their small outlets in the early 1990s, only to see those customers become worldly patrons
           了空前的成功。2010 年他们从澳洲重返中国,在焕然一新、全城瞩目的必威登录商
                                                                              perusing Nyonya’s current menu at China World Mall.
                                                                              Kim recalls that they had 20 such small outlets opened across town. However, in 2002,
                                                                              China began opening up more quickly, rendering Lee and Kim’s shops obsolete. The
                                                                              couple had more sustained success after turning their roast chicken outlet in Lidu into a sit
           注:本文原载于 Beijinger, 作者 Kyle Mullin
                                                                              down Malaysian restaurant, the first proper Nyonya Kitchen.
                NL5008 北区五层 L5 North Zone         (86-10) 8415 0863
                                                                              After the success, the couple opened Nyonya Kitchen in the basement of China World
                                                                              Mall, which became an even bigger hit thanks to the throngs of CBD office white collars
                                                                              hankering after something different for lunch. While the couple spent 2006-2010 in
                                                                              Australia’s Melbourne, they decided to return to Beijing. The recent move from the
                                                                              basement of the previous China World food court to the fifth floor of that glitzy new
                                                                              building is a sign of Nyonya’s staying power.
                                                                              Lee says they were happy to return to Beijing and try their luck in China World Mall, but
                                                                              not for the reasons one might expect. “Australia was pretty quiet for us, compared to
                                                                              here,” she says, adding: “We didn’t miss the restaurant. I think we missed Beijing, because
                                                                              the city is so vibrant.”
                                                                              This article was written by Kyle Mullin from the Beijinger.
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