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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 11 月刊  10


                                                  CHINA WORLD SUMMIT WING, BEIJING WINS “BEST BUSINESS

                                                  HOTEL IN BEIJING” FOR THE THIRD YEAR RUNNING

           获得广大消费者的青睐,蝉联 2017 年业内极具声望的旅游奖项——《Business
           Traveller Asia-Pacific》读者评选大奖北京最佳商务酒店奖。
           该项旅游大奖盛事今年迎来第 26 周年,《Business Traveller》杂志汇集了豪华

           China World Summit Wing, Beijing, continues to garner recognition for excellence
           for its world-class Asian hospitality from the heart. The highest hotel in the capital city
           won “Best Business Hotel in Beijing” for the third year running at the 2017 Business
           Traveller Asia-Pacific Awards.
           The award gathers the best in the luxury-travel market, including hotels, airlines, cruises
           and attractions. Winners were voted by readers of and subscribers to the magazine – a
           testament of the hotel’s positioning in the luxury-travel market in China and beyond.
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