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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 11 月刊  15

           投缘?就加入吧!新时代已经来临!                                                   JEN CLUB 2.0_DINNER,CO-WORKING SPACE

           这一期,我们要带来的是新必威登录饭店不是「行政客房」的「行政客房」,传统的「行                              AND MORE
           政客房」都是针对 Very important 的客人设立,而新必威登录饭店的「行政客房」只为
                                                                              Hotel Jen Beijing’s [club 2.0 room] is distinct from the traditional club room most people
                                                                              imagine. It is especially designed with a the guest as the central key focus.
                                                                              In short: Jen’s club 2.0 room offers superior views, significant benefits, and notably
           更超值的体验!更多与本地人交流的机会!它还拥有更时尚的名字——Jen Club
                                                                              affordable prices and more chance to communicate with Beijinger - and the best part
           2.0。Jen Club 2.0 最有趣的部分在于你可以和当地人见面、畅谈、亲身感受本地的
                                                                              is you can meet with locals, talk with locals, mingle into the community, living up to its
                                                                              name, Jen Club 2.0.
           「Jen Club 2.0」位于新必威登录饭店的 20 层至 22 层,看东三环的车水马龙?看传说中
                                                                              Located on floors 20 to 22, views through floor-to-ceiling windows offer a stunning
           的装垫儿台(中央电视台)?看 CBD 的独特景致?位于新必威登录饭店最顶端的三个楼
                                                                              panorama of Beijing from the heart of the modern CBD, including the iconic China
                                                                              Central Television HQ.
           选择「Jen Club 2.0」的你除了入住位于新必威登录饭店高楼层的客房外,还可享受三五
                                                                              SanWuTang offers an astounding breakfast buffet featuring international, Asian and
                                                                              local cuisines – from the traditional Beijing bean curd, soya milk and twisted dough
                                                                              sticks, to bao zi and fried eggs, to classic western and pan-Asian dishes. Feel the local
           选择「Jen Club 2.0」的你还可在 07:00 至 23:00 期间使用众·社联合工作空间,在
                                                                              way of life at SanWuTang.
                                                                              The Prototype Co-Working Lounge is a unique work-cum-leisure space uniquely
                                                                              designed to provide optimal convenience and functionality in a smooth, sleek modern
                                                                              environment. The café there offers a wide variety of gourmet sandwiches, pastries,
           选择「Jen Club 2.0」的你不仅能享用众多美食,还可无限次使用新必威登录饭店 3500
                                                                              alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, making it an ideal place for are freshing light
           平米 24 小时不间断营业的健身中心炼·工场!而且还可享健身中心炼·工场内的
                                                                              lunch. You can also read, rest, talk and make friends at Prototype or chat with locals.
           SPA 所有项目 85 折优惠 ~(位于 5 层的日光泳池也是免费使用!要记得带泳衣哦 ~)
                                                                              Jen also offers complimentary access to the 24-hour, 3,500-square-metre Trainyard
           除此之外,选择「Jen Club 2.0」的你还可在入住当天的 17:00 至 19:00 在鲜啤吧享
                                                                              Gym with 15% discount on all treatments at Trainyard SPA. Don’t forget to bring your
           受欢乐时光——精酿啤酒无限畅饮! IPA、波特、兔啤、艾尔、白啤、赛森、比尔森、
                                                                              bathing suit, because the swimming pool is totally free!
                                                                              In addition, our Gastropub, Beersmith offers unlimited craft beer Happy Hour from
           最后是重磅礼遇!选择「Jen Club 2.0」的你可在 18:00 至 20:30 期间于三五堂享受
                                                                              17:00 to 19:00. IPA, Porter, Autumn Fest, Ale, Weissbier, Saison, Pils, andmore innovative
                                                                              beers like pineapple ale!
           北京炸酱面,刀削面,东南亚炒 条,碳烤羊排,还有来自鲜啤吧的精酿啤酒畅饮!
                                                                              Coupled with the array of Asian cuisine available in SanWuTang, from 18:00 to 20:30,
           总之,你的晚餐不要太丰盛 ~~
                                                                              and the more hearty western fair of Beersmith, you’ll be experiencing a unique,
           为了让你更加开心玩乐,新必威登录饭店的「Jen Club 2.0」每晚人民币 1,360 起。而且
                                                                              international and altogether rich dining experience during your stay at Jen.
           提前入住至上午 11 点;退房延迟至下午 4 点!
                                                                              These super-value benefits can be enjoyed from RMB1,360 per night. Early check-in at
                (86-10) 6505 8866
                                                                              11:00 and late check-out at 16:00 offer guests a unique flexibility to make your stay as
           * 以上价格均为人民币,并需加收 10% 服务费及在上述价格与服务费总额上计征的政府税
                                                                              smooth and relaxing as possible.
           及增值税。All prices are in RMB and are subject to 10% service charge and any government
           taxes and value-added tax payable on the prices together with the service charge.
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