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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 11 月刊  05

           宝格丽 DIVAS' DREAM                系列全新上市

           秋冬时节,BVLGARI 宝格丽特别推荐,暖情时刻融化于心。简约精致
           的 Divas' Dream 系列玫瑰金镶钻石珠宝沐浴在暖阳下,散发出温暖
           光芒;Serpenti 璇彩时光腕表,于腕间精心装点,玫瑰金镶嵌钻石搭
           时尚百搭的 Divas' Dream 系列黑色小羊皮衍缝网格刺绣翻盖包,将
                L107&107A 南区一层  L1, South Zone        (86-10) 5866 9716


                                                                                                            推出 WONDERLUST


                                                                                                       创立于 1759 年的英国顶级生活风格品牌
           BVLGARI DIVAS' DREAM COLLECTION                                                             茶具、茶品和礼品闻名,新推出 Wonderlust
           As the fall/winter season approaches, BVLGARI recommends multiple pleasant surprises that are able to fill your hearts   列,饱藏旅行绮想。
           immediately with warmth and romance. Crafted in rose gold with diamonds, the simple and delicate Divas' Dream   每款设计的背后都诉说着一段旅行的故事,足
           collection shines brightly in the sunlight. Another darling is the Serpenti Twist Your Time watch. Curving elegantly around   迹遍布欧洲与亚洲,反映了每个景点的文化和
           your wrist, the fine watch in rose gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds and a brown double-twirl Karung leather strap   艺术特色,犹如史上闻名之欧洲游学旅行的珍
           exudes the sensuality and temptation of the snake. Characterized by a unique fashionable style, the Flap Cover Divas’   贵时光恒存在其中。
           Dream in black nappa leather features a “quilted” motif and an iconic pendant closure in black shiny enamel inspired by   系列产品主色包括红色 ( 瑰丽红宝 )、蓝
           fan-shaped mosaics from the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, showing the supreme elegance and femininity of women.  色 ( 蓝塔物语 )、黄色 ( 黄色绮想 ) 等。
                                                                                                       每款 Wonderlust 漫游美境系列单品均以
           TASAKI 2017 秋冬系列新品                                                                          WEDGWOOD 招牌的蓝色礼盒包装,与你一
           flatland 平面奇境系列珠宝以二维的形式来展现自然形式
                                                                                                           NB142 中区地下一层  B1, Middle Zone
                                                                                                           (86-10) 6505 0821
           展现出珠宝的美感, 以缤纷多姿的花卉来赞颂女性之美,
           更突破三维表现形式的限制,新的系列就此诞生。                                                                      WEDGWOOD INTRODUCES
           无论是美丽的铃兰、华贵的大丽花亦或是神秘的忘忧草                                                                            WONDERLUST
           不失精致考究的珠宝系列。                                                                                WEDGWOOD, the British premium lifestyle
           以娇艳鲜花盛放瞬间的色彩和芬芳为灵感,融合 TASAKI 的两大经典元素——珍珠与钻石,搭配充满生机的彩                                        brand since 1759 with a renowned portfolio of
           色宝石,尽现珠宝绽放的永恒光芒。                                                                            quality fine bone china teaware, tea and giftware
                3L105&106 北区一层  L1, North Zone        (86-10) 8535 1108                                launches Wonderlust – an eclectic gifting collection
                                       TASAKI 2017AW FLATLAND                                          inspired by history and the wonders of travel.
                                                                                                       Each piece in the collection is inspired by a variety

                                       "Flatland" expresses the beauty of nature's forms in a two-dimensional style.A   of destinations from Europe through to Asia
                                       jewellery collection is born that graphically brings out the beauty from the front side   taking cues from culture and art in the spirit of the
                                       like a two-dimensional artwork,with motifs of various kinds of flowers celebrating   historic ‘Grand Tour of Europe’ .
                                       feminine beauty and a design that intentionally limits three-dimensional expression.  Featuring, amongst others, reds (Crimson Jewel),
                                        Pretty lilies of the valley, magnificent dahlias, mysterious nepenthes... A garland   blues (Blue Pagoga) and yellows (Yellow Tonquin),
                                       of many flowers...Enjoy this innovative and sophisticated collection inspired by the   presented in beautiful signature Wedgwood blue
                                       colour and fragrance of each beautiful and blooming flower,featuring jewellery   gift boxes ready to celebrate all of life’s special
                                       that emits the glow of eternity using colourful vibrant colour stones, in addition to   moments.
                                       pearls and diamonds, the elements of TASAKI.
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