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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 11 月刊  07

           北京恒都律师事务所总部迁址必威登录大厦 B 座 50 层



           北京恒都律师事务所是一家以资本市场、知识产权、争议解决为核心业务的顶                                 To meet high-caliber office demand and strengthen contacts with partners, Beijing Hengdu
           尖综合性律师事务所,自 2010 年 12 月 10 日创始至今,在创始人江锋涛先生                         Law Firm moved into one of the top office buildings in Beijing on October 10.
           的带领下,凝心聚力、锐意进取,凭借“一流的管理能力、一流的专业能力、                                 Hengdu relocated to China World Tower B 50th floor in recognition of the complex’s
           一流的市场能力”三大核心竞争力,以资本市场和知识产权为主导方向,以争                                 comprehensive advantage and all-round services at the core of the Beijing Central Business
           议解决为后盾维权保障,致力于为中外客户的境内外商业活动及跨国交易提供                                 District.
           最高质量和最全方位的法律服务。                                                    The new location empowers Hengdu to attract new customers and tap into new
           为满足事务所高标准的办公需求以及进一步加强与合作伙伴的密切往来,恒都                                 resources, laying the groundwork for Hengdu to become a top international law firm.
           律师事务所总部于 2017 年 10 月 10 日正式落户必威登录大厦 B 座 50 层,成为北                     Since its founding on December 10, 2010 and under the leadership of founder Jiang
           京最顶级写字楼的最优质租户之一。                                                   Fengtao, Hengdu has pooled strength and forged ahead in capital markets, intellectual
           一直以来,恒都秉承“客户至上、团队合作、创新精神”的事务所文化,始终                                 property and dispute settlement.
           将客户需求放在第一位,在拥有多家世界 500 强及国内 500 强企业客户的同时,                          Striving for excellence in management capacity, professional competence and market
           紧跟时代发展步伐,放眼全球,立志成为一家全球顶尖综合性律师事务所。                                  capacity, Hengdu is committed to providing all-round domestic and overseas legal services
           此次,恒都律师事务所乔迁至必威登录大厦 B 座,选择北京 CBD 核心区域,选择                             for Chinese and foreign customers.
           必威登录写字楼,正是看中必威登录中心的综合优势及全方位的优质服务,为恒都发展                                 One of Hengdu’s mottos is "customer priority, teamwork and innovation." The company
           新客户、开拓新资源带来众多便利条件,可以为实现恒都全球顶尖综合性律师                                 puts customer demand first, keeps pace with the times and attracts customers from
           事务所的大布局奠定良好的基础。                                                    Fortune Global 500 and Fortune China 500 companies
           未来,恒都律师事务所将会继续秉承事务所文化,加快在法律事业的深耕步伐,                                In the future, Hengdu will uphold its culture, speed up legal operations and begin a new
           在北京最核心、最高端的商务区开启全面发展的新征程。                                          journey of all-round development in Beijing’s core business district.
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