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CHINA WORLD   JANUARY 2018 / 2018 年 1 月刊  10

           最        IN      的暖房派对!

           IN THE HEART OF CBD…

           MY HOME, MY PARTY!

           2017 年 12 月 1 日晚上 6 点,住在中国大饭店公馆的租户们开起了暖房派对!                        At 6:00 p.m. on December 1, 2017, tenants who live in China World Hotel Residences
           我们邀请了最亲爱的朋友,让他们来感受梦寐以求的理想城市生活。                                     had a housewarming party!
           热爱红酒的优雅独居男用加了肉桂的圣诞热红酒为朋友们暖胃。                                       We invited our friends to experience the ideal city life.
           喜爱烹饪和聚会的新加坡夫妇正在做着地道的新加坡美食,                                         We served Christmas mulled wine for our friends’ enjoyment.
           一碗碗香喷喷的拉萨散发着诱人的香气。                                                 Our Singaporean residents served authentic Singaporean dishes like the aromatic Laksa.
           还有甜品控大叔家的美味圣诞甜点,                                                   A gentlemen served Christmas desserts at his home whilst also sharing some gourmet
           一边吃,一边听他与朋友们分享着他的美食秘诀。                                             tips with his guests.
           小朋友们忙着分享美食,大朋友们忙着分享最近的生活!                                          Children too enjoyed sharing food while the adults mingled and shared the latest
           我们在这里静谧安眠,做个香甜的梦。                                                  happenings in their lives.
           第二天早餐后,我们还能和朋友们一起去体验健身中心的健康课程,                                     We had a good night’s rest thereafter.
           唤起美好的一天!                                                           We started the next day with breakfast followed by a healthy workout session at the
           消耗了体力,懒懒的不想出门?幸好足不出户就能享受美味!                                        fitness centre.
           去尝尝阿丽雅新出菜单,开启精彩周末,缤纷节日季。                                           After an invigorating workout, we stayed in instead of venturing out, enjoying the new
           中国大饭店公馆,演绎当代品质生活 !                                                 menu at Aria, a perfect start to the weekend this holiday season.
                                                                              The Essence of Contemporary Living
           详情请垂询:杨艳旻  For enquiries, please contact Jasmine Yang              Ready to welcome you to your new abode, call us now!

           * 本信息为广告信息。
           * 以上价格均为人民币,并已包含 10% 服务费及在上述价格与服务费总额上计征的政府税及增值税 ( 如适用)。
           All prices are in RMB and are inclusive of 10% service charge and any government taxes and value-added tax (where applicable) payable on the prices together with the service charge.
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