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CHINA WORLD   JANUARY 2018 / 2018 年 1 月刊  12

           新汉堡和新浓汤现已登陆鲜啤吧                                                              这个冬天,一波富有创意且令人垂涎的美食登陆鲜啤吧。面包是苹果

           NEW BURGERS & A CIDER                                                       撞出什么味道呢?全新美味等你来探索。

                                                                                        Beersmith Gastropub announces new dishes with an innovative way.
           CHEADDAR SOUP AT BEERSMITH!                                                  Burger buns with squid ink, crusty bread is the bowl of soup and a

                                                                                        speciality brewed cider cooked onion burger dressing.

           苹果酒洋葱蘑菇芝士和牛汉堡配薯条                                                   布里芝士澳洲和牛汉堡配薯条
           这是一款融合了啤酒炸洋葱,白蘑菇和超浓芝士味道的和牛汉堡,一口咬下去,                                超大的奶酪附在和牛肉饼之上,酥脆的啤酒炸洋葱让整个和牛汉堡在口感上不失
           Q 弹与浓郁拂面而来。                                                        平衡。
           Cider Onion, Cheese & Mushroom Wagyu Burger with French Fries      Brie Cheese & Wagyu Beef Burger with French Fries
           Hearty gastropub Wagyu beef favorite, the sweet touch of the cider cooked onions   Or why not try our creamy French Brie and Crispy Onion Wagyu burger, where generous
           combined with light button mushroom filling offers a unique variation.  portions of Brie slowly melt across the patty, offset with a craveable crunch of onion.

           苹果酒车达浓汤                                                            迷你和牛芝士汉堡
           这款苹果汤的容器是一个特制的面包,喝完盆香满溢的苹果汤还可以把面包吃掉。                               迷你汉堡让分享变得更容易,迷你汉堡的面包是由墨鱼汁制作,在品尝美味的同
           Cider Cheddar Soup In Bread                                        时更加健康。
           A traditional country warmer for the winter – Brandy and Cheddar Soup with fried onion   Mini Wagyu Beef Sliders with Cheese
           in a crispy round loaf, hollowed into a bread bowl.                Easy and fun to share, these mini burgers served in a squid ink bun, provide an innovative
                                                                              way to a group dinner at Beersmith.
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