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CHINA WORLD   JANUARY 2018 / 2018 年 1 月刊  15

                                                                              元旦特价惊喜三天 必威登录世纪公寓两居室


                                                                              时光飞逝,转眼 2018 年元旦小长假将至。为喜迎元旦,必威登录世纪公寓继圣诞之
                                                                              后再一次推出两居室舒适客房折扣优惠,必威登录客户在 2018 年 1 月 1 日至 2018 年
                                                                              1 月 3 日期间只需 580 元 / 日即可入住。
                                                                                  (86-10) 6779 8030 / 6779 8035
                                                                              HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2-BEDROOM APARTMENT

                                                                              ONLY 580 YUAN A DAY

                                                                              Time flies and 2018 is just around the corner. In celebration of the coming new year,
           必威登录节日季在必威登录公寓                                                         China World Century Towers is extending its special Christmas offer on a comfortable
                                                                              two-bedroom apartment into the new year. From January 1 to 3, China World Century
                                                                              Towers is offering a two-bedroom apartment at the special price of 580 yuan a day.


           The year drawing to a close was a joyous time for celebration as 60 residents of China
           World Apartments unwound and soaked in the holiday festivities on 16 December 2017.
           It has become something of a tradition for us at China World Apartments to celebrate our
           end year party at Scene Cafe China World Hotel. Aside from a buffet spread of sumptuous
           Christmas dinner, there were gift exchange program and lucky draw to entertain the
           residents. Our staff dressed up as Santa Claus to distribute gifts to young kids, bringing
           much festive cheer to the gathering. It was a wonderful time of celebration as families and
           friends from China World Apartments came together as one. The fun went on until late in
           the evening and after final lucky draw many tenants lingered on and continued to fill the
           room with lively conversation, smiles, and laughter.
           China World Apartments would like to wish everyone, near and far, a joyous holiday
           season filled with love, special moments, good health and good friends. See you in the
           Year of Dog!
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