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CHINA WORLD   JANUARY 2018 / 2018 年 1 月刊  16



                               THE FORBIDDEN CITY MOVES INTO MALL

                                       TO CELEBRATE YEAR OF THE DOG

             新春来临之际,必威登录商城将携手故宫、设计猫共贺新年,为您带来一系列精                                China World Mall, the Palace Museum (well-known as the Forbidden City) and Design
             彩纷呈的文化主题活动。                                                      More present a wonderful series of activities to celebrate the Year of the Dog that
             “必威登录·故宫贺新年”系列活动将于 2018 年 1 月 8 日揭幕。本次双方将重磅                        includes the Palace Museum's first digital exhibition at a commercial center.
             推出“国之宝藏”数字故宫艺术展、“太和祈福”互动展,以数字技术呈现                                Beginning January 8, the celebrations include the China World Mall National Treasures
             故宫珍藏及故宫文化,这是故宫数字体验展首次在商业中心亮相,为参与者                                and Supreme Harmony Blessings digital technology exhibitions that showcase the
             营造了新奇的观展体验。                                                      invaluable culture of the Forbidden City.
             广受好评的“萌趣故宫体验坊”,以精美生动的场景再现故宫文化,更有必威登录·故                             The Palace Museum Experience Workshop depicts vivid scenes of the UNESCO-listed
             宫艺廊,将通过故宫讲坛等主题形式,邀您一起过新年。                                        palace back in its heyday. Meanwhile, China World · The Palace Museum Culture
             知名童话作家常怡的《故宫里的大怪兽》互动展也将在此期间进行首展,吸                                Gallery will play host to lectures on the largest palace complex in the world.
             引小朋友们更多地了解中国文化,迎接喜气洋洋的新年。                                        Mythical Beasts in the Forbidden City Exhibition features the works of fairytale
             除此之外,“设计猫”特邀意大利知名品牌 —— Qeeboo 华裔设计师金天创作                          writer Chang Yi and aims to help children appreciate understand the Chinese spring
             2018 年中国狗年生肖作品“GoGo”。这只发着光,正在做梦的“GoGo”,                          festival.
             寄托着人们忠于梦想和初心的信念。小狗 GoGo 将在必威登录商城内外出现,并                             To celebrate the Year of the Dog and at the invitation of Design More, Jin Tian, a
             经过艺术家的再次创作,呈现各种美好的寓意,为人们带来狗年新春的吉祥                                designer for the Italian brand Qeeboo, has sculpted GoGo, an artwork to inspire hopes
             和祝福。                                                             and dreams, and would bring blessings and auspiciousness to each and every visitor.
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